Shopify can be a boon for small businesses, but only if you use it optimally. Improving sales figures and boosting customer loyalty is possible with the right tools and tactics on your side. This brief guide will get you started on your journey to leveraging Shopify in a way that benefits your company and your customers in equal measure. Read more
Digitization has led to the development of smart ways of executing operations. Different industries benefit from digitization, and one of them is banking. Previously, you had to visit your bank physically to access your money. Today, you have a more convenient alternative. Online banking systems enable you to do transactions using your laptop or smartphone. Read more
Amongst increasing living costs and high levels of inflation, one of the last things on our minds might be investing in gold. However, there are some pretty convincing reasons as to why you should. Capable of transforming Victoria in the gold rush, gold managed to transform the lives of many Australian citizens, providing the highest living standards of all time. Read more
When you get injured in a workplace accident, it can be hard to keep getting up every day and attending to your duties normally. The good news is that you may be eligible to collect medical bills and lost wages if you suffer a workplace injury or illness, regardless of fault. Read more
People consumed alcohol at all times, and today the average check size has alcohol drinks. Alcohol brands compete for consumers’ attention and use social media promotion. Find creative ideas to manifest your product online. Read more
SecurityHQ is a Global Independent MSSP that detects and responds to threats, instantly. As your security partner, we alert and act on threats for you. Read more
TIPS SA, as ‘2022’s Leading Healthcare ICT Solutions Company’ for Latin America, has made itself an innovative, ingenuity-powered, and people-first business taking hospitals into the future. Read more
In today’s world, the climate crisis is the most pressing issue – it’s on every news channel, in every newspaper, and is talked about throughout social media. Read more
Founded in 1996, Edkey Inc is a non-profit organisation which manages 28 schools and programmes across Arizona including 17 Sequoia Charter Schools. It works together with families to provide high quality educational services for their K-12 children by creating a positive, nurturing environment where every child is known by all members of staff. The highly deserving winner of Acquisition International’s ‘Best Public Charter School Support Organisation 2022 – Arizona’ award, we take a closer look. Read more
Founded by exemplary microcomputer specialist and businessman Mauricio Frizzarin, Qyon has made a name for itself as the ‘Most Innovative AI Software Company’ for 2022 in Brazil. Read more
Working in one of the most demanding markets in the world, Retech has become a global leader in metallurgical processing equipment supply. Read more
Jesta I.S. is a global developer and supplier of integrated cloud-based software which is 100% focused on manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers specializing in fashion apparel, footwear, housewares, and consumer discretionary industries. Read more