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About the Global Excellence Awards

Introducing the AI Global Excellence Awards

Launched in 2018, the AI Global Excellence Awards provide us at Acquisition International Magazine with an opportunity to celebrate and draw attention to innovative companies, teams and individuals who are driving change, surpassing expectation, and excelling across the vast corporate landscape.

Dedicated to delivering vital updates and keeping our corporate readers informed to remain ahead of the curve, the AI Global Excellence Awards present the most prominent leaders and organisations from a diverse range of industries. Our job is to magnify the people, products and services that can fundamentally change things for the better.

Recipients are selected through a merit-based system, via research carried out by our own impartial team rather than external nominations. Our criteria require that there is evidence of significant achievement and a clear commitment to innovation in a given field, for a company to pass the shortlisting stage and go on to be recognised and publicised to our readership.

There are no preconditions when it comes to an organisation’s turnover, number of employees, year of establishment, or location. It is more important for us to identify recipients based on merit, innovation, and excellence. We select the nominees, asses them against our criteria and make the judgement on whether they meet the standards required to pass to the next stage.

Those that succeed will be presented with a range of options, which are explicitly designed to promote the awardee. We excel at online marketing and can really help to create some positive exposure around our winners.

Our marketing packages have been skilfully designed to boost the coverage and promotion of the news. The main vehicle for announcing the news is by featuring our winners within an edition of our monthly digital magazine, this platform offers essential publicity and is a reliable source and location for you to link to when you’re sharing the information within your own network.

We also recommend entries in our A-Z directory and inclusion in our annual winner’s supplement, again both excellent tools for linking and sharing.

We take pride in our policy that irrespective of budget, the AI Global Excellence Awards provide our winners with a rare chance to promote their businesses across our network and theirs, we can help to increase the size of their digital footprint and to stand out in a competitive arena.

Please feel free to direct further questions to the Brand Coordinator.

Jo Holloway We can point you in the right direction.

Jo joined the AI Global Media team in 2016 and has since been involved in numerous projects for AI Global Media Ltd. She is both creative and dedicated in her role as account executive. Jo works hard to ensure a great customer journey for her clients and is passionate about delivering maximum value for each recipient.


Nomination Conditions

The Acquisition International team work assiduously to distinguish the most relevant and eligible professionals for inclusion in the awards. We keep well-informed of industry trends by subscribing to and examining prominent and trusted corporate news sources, M&A activity, funding, and investment rounds, B2B events, and significant people moves. We conduct full and thorough investigations to formalise our nominees and pass them over to the next stage, Research.

Research & Judging

Our in-house research team assesses each nominee independently. We investigate each candidate against a range of sources, largely available within the public domain. This includes news articles, journals, corporate websites, members associations, professional directories, press releases and other published work.

The criteria include education, experience, third-party corporate recognition, physical and digital presence, client testimonials, investor reviews, products and services and corporate progression.

Once our recipients are agreed, our Brand Coordinator contacts them each individually to discuss their insertion and next steps.

Contacting Winners

The recipients of our AI Global Excellence Awards are personally notified about their achievement before we, the publisher makes any public announcement. This time is essential to allow for wider corporate communications and the coordination of marketing strategies.

We ask the winners to “accept” the award privately before anything is published and depending on the level of coverage they agree, this will be formalised via our monthly digital magazine, the annual winners supplement, or the A-Z directory.


There are no compulsory costs associated with accepting the award; our winners are invited to feature in our A-Z directory on an entirely complimentary basis.

We encourage our winners to spread the good news across their own website and social media channels to capitalise on the success. Afterall, what’s the point of winning an award if you don’t tell anyone!

We do also offer several paid for options, these are for winners who seek to maximise the potential of the award via supplementary coverage. These packages offer varying levels of exposure across our platform and include skilfully produced promotional resources designed to increase the coverage.


Who nominated me?
The AI Global Excellence Awards are managed solely in house. This means that all nominations stem from decisions made within the organisation. For specific detail on any case, please email the Brand Coordinator who sent the notification.
Why was I selected?
We use a selection of trusted sources to guide our selection process, usually including trade news sources and publications, corporate finance news, funding/investment rounds, B2B events, members associations, professional directories, and press releases.
Who makes the decision?
As with the selection process, all decisions regarding winners are also determined in house. This allows us to maintain high and consistent standards when evaluating candidate against our criteria.

We believe this method is the most efficient in determining which companies and individuals are the most deserving of inclusion in the programme and has brought us much success and praise throughout its use.
Is there a winner’s ceremony/award dinner?
We have always favoured a digital approach to our celebrations as that is where we think our winners can gain the maximum benefit from their success. It is not only a logistical challenge to coordinate our winners for one evening of celebration but it also places unnecessary cost burdens on them. We focus on cost-effective methods of promotion across our international platform and believe that the optional costs associated with an award are better placed in a year’s worth of online marketing compared to one ceremonial evening.
Are there any costs involved?
There are no compulsory costs involved. We do however offer a range of paid for packages, which can support promotional activity around the award for winners who see value in it. These are entirely optional.

We are proud to offer a free of charge listing in the annual winner’s directory. Our policy will always ensure that irrespective of budget, our winners should be able to garner the full value of the award and our seal of approval.

"As a freelance business adviser, it was a fantastic feeling just to be noticed amongst all the other larger consulting firms in the UK.

I’ve used the award in a number of ways already: to assure clients that they are, and are continuing to, work with recognised excellence; and to assure my parents that their son didn’t turn out all that badly after all!

"This recognition has also meant that my credibility when submitting evidences and ideas to inform future government policy and wider business support practices is enhanced. It’s offered me a great excuse to rekindle relationships with lapsed colleagues and network contacts who reached out to congratulate me on this achievement."

Adrian Ashton –

"Winning an award is a third-party endorsement of your capabilities and should be highly treasured and promoted.

"AI Global Media have gone out of their way to help me promote the award, they have taken the awards to the next stage, it is not a bye-bye when you have the certificate but a concentrated effort to ensure that your achievements reach a wider audience. Our award has been seen on all the social media platforms, by clients and competitors, friends, and family. The logo is on every email we send out and all of this is due to the encouragement of the team at AI.

"The award has endorsed our capabilities, made people think more seriously about our work and most importantly has influenced our bottom line. People are more likely to trust an award winner and accept that if you employ an award-winning agency there is a cost for this extra layer of professional advice."

Tricia Topping, Carlyle Consultants -

"I am the deputy managing partner of Danubia Patent & Law Office, an IP Boutique Law firm in Budapest Hungary and have been working with AI for several years.

"They gave me time to make the publication, however, owing to my involvements in other cases I sent the material in the very last moment.

"The staff at AI were still friendly and made a wonderful editing job, as well as leaving time for me to read and approve it.

"The article was published, and they did a good job, especially in comparison to comparable offers.

"I was more than satisfied with how the how the staff works and reported my pleasant experience to my partners. We will utilize these friendly services in the future."

Mihály Lantos, Danubia Patent & Law Office -

"We always have a great experience working with AI Global, they are easy to communicate with, organised and very professional. Thanks for your continued hard work!"

Hannah Wharton, Waldeck Consulting -

"We have worked with AI since about year one and it has been a pleasure every time. They do great work and have a very fast response time."

Stephan Roider, Roider IP -

"We have been working with AI Global Media for a number of years, they have always been great to deal with, very flexible and we are always happy with the final article."

Michael Brown, Geo-Environmental Services Limited -

"From the moment of first contact Al Global we very professional timely in all communication, and very responsive when I asked questions. It was a pleasure to work with them and hope the relationship can continue in future years."

Paul Hardiman, Quality Partner Limited -

"We have had two articles published in AI magazine and have found the copywriting and graphic design to be of a high standard. They are responsive, and open to feedback, which is great when trying to ensure the right message is published.

"The PDF copies of articles are great for handing out at exhibitions and the link to the online article provides a quick and easy way to impress a new client."

Michael Coates, Protostar Leadership Development LTD -

"AI Global were easy to work with and provided a smooth process."

Oliver Tregoning, JM Finn -


"Stiltz has enjoyed some great exposure on the back of our recent spotlight article in AI. It’s been a great morale booster and the perfect platform to highlight all the great work the team here at Stilz have done. Not only have we experienced an increase in web traffic, but some positive communications from clients, old and new.

"A great team and a really professional outcome, I’d thoroughly recommend them."

Chris Ainscough - ELF Productivity Ltd -

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