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Expert Witness Awards

Acquisition International magazine is excited to announce the introduction of a brand-new programme to our awards portfolio for 2024! The inaugural Expert Witness Awards will recognise the leading experts across a wide range of fields, whose top-class research, investigation, testimony, and consulting services have provided vital assistance in courtroom settings and related legal proceedings. The […]

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About The Award
Acquisition International magazine is excited to announce the introduction of a brand-new programme to our awards portfolio for 2024! The inaugural Expert Witness Awards will recognise the leading experts across a wide range of fields, whose top-class research, investigation, testimony, and consulting services have provided vital assistance in courtroom settings and related legal proceedings. The work of expert witnesses is indispensable to justice systems around the world, as their specialised knowledge and experience is key to the comprehension of the often complex technical and scientific issues introduced in legal cases. Both judges and juries regularly rely on the skill and impartiality of expert witnesses to get a clearer understanding of the facts of a case, and in turn make an appropriate ruling to ensure that justice is served. The expert witness consulting industry is experiencing a significant boom. According to a recent report by IBISWorld, the market has grown by approximately $200 million over the last ten years. As the demand for legal services rises, so does that of expert witness services. The Legal Services market is currently predicted to experience annual growth over the next five years, with this increased revenue having a positive effect on judicial spending, which is also expected to rise annually up to 2028. The subsequent inflated budgets of law firms will allow for more investment into expert services, and larger numbers of expert witnesses being hired to consult on cases. Greater legal revenue isn’t the only factor propelling the expert witness services market into growth; other key factors driving this expansion are the increasing complexity of legal cases as well as the acceleration of technology in multiple industries. As courts, tribunals, and hearings become more complex and encompass a wider variety of industries, the need for specialised knowledge in these disciplines will grow and drive demand for expert witnesses. Today, experts are called to provide testimony on a diverse range of technical and scientific subjects, including medicine, finance, engineering, health and safety, agriculture, biology, geology, and more. On the technology front, the number of legal cases dealing with tech-related disputes is surging. Research company Gartner predicts that the Technology sector’s legal spending will rise by over 200% in the coming years. Evolving regulations and consumer rights are just some of the issues at the centre of this unprecedented growth, which has necessitated the need for support from technical experts. With the industry thriving and gaining prominence, here at Acquisition International we feel that it’s the perfect time to launch the Expert Witness Awards! Proudly not pay-to-play, there will be no compulsory costs at any stage of the awards process, and every winner will receive a free-of-charge marketing toolkit to help promote their success. For those recipients looking to maximise the promotional benefits of their award, there will be optional upgrades available, and our bespoke advertising packages include everything from editorial content, e-newsletter inclusions, to physical and digital marketing tools. If you are interested in taking part in the Expert Witness Awards 2024 and gaining exposure to an international audience of 85,000 industry peers and potential clients, then don’t hesitate and submit a nomination today! To put yourself or a deserving expert you know up for consideration in the Expert Witness Awards 2024, simply click ‘Vote Now’ and follow the instructions provided. Best of luck to all of this year’s nominees from the team at Acquisition International!

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The Nomination Team can assist with answering any queries that you have regarding a nomination, or the process involved in taking part in one of our award programmes.

Reach us via:

Our Amazing Team - AI Global Media
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Our Approach

View the steps involved to secure your win!

Nominees are gained via our online nomination form from magazine subscribers, online visitors, social media following, clients and our wider circulation.

Those putting forward nominees are welcome to nominate their own firm or colleagues within their firm as well as third party businesses.

Acquisition International is part of the publishing house AI Global Media, the publishers also put forward nominees for consideration.
All those who formally accept their nomination will be asked if they would like to submit material for further consideration as supporting evidence.

We consider materials supplied by nominees, information on those nominated businesses available online and any information supplied with the original nomination.
Our research team who are highlighted below will assess all information presented when it comes to determining winners.

The team gather information independently from a number of publicly available sources, they will assess the material supplied by the nominees and by those who put them forward originally.

They will cast their final judgment based on various criteria including client dedication, innovation, business growth, longevity, online reputation, client feedback and business performance.
Once winners have been determined each winner will be contacted directly.

Details of those winners will be embargoed until Acquisition International formally announce the winners publicly via the website and award winners' magazine.
We encourage all of our winners to publicly announce their win independently.

Announcements via company websites, social media channels, via publicly released press releases, and through local and national press are a great way of really maximising the exposure gained from such an amazing achievement.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How long has Acquisition International been in circulation for?
Acquisition International has been running for nine years and in that time the publication has grown substantially, now having a circulation of 85,000 readers in over 170 countries. AI is a monthly magazine that seeks to inform, entertain, influence, and shape the global corporate conversation. We aim to achieve this through a combination of high quality editorial, rigorous research and an experienced worldwide network of dedicated advisors, experts and contributors. Acquisition International is one of the many publications by AI Global Media, a UK based publisher which has over 200 issues to its name since 2010.
Where did the nomination come from?
In the interest of maintaining high response rates, we do not ask nominees to reveal their personal identity. As per the methodology, we frequently nominate candidates ourselves and, when it comes to the process of voting, if you didn’t cast a vote by self-submission it is likely to have been cast via a colleague or client who has received one of our direct invitations. One of the main mantras of our awards system is that your ability to succeed is not linked to the number of votes received. This means that your award will be received purely on merit. However, we do track unusual behaviour on our website to identify repeat votes and cyber-threats.
What happens if I agree to shortlist?
In the interest of focusing our efforts on relevant candidates, we ask all nominees to accept their position on the shortlist. This also gives people complete control in their decision on whether they would like to move forward with the award. Nominees who accept will be subject to our rigorous internal vetting procedure. They have an opportunity to present their own data which gets considered alongside the information collated by our research team. It can take up to 8 weeks for research to be completed.
Who makes the final decision?
We employ an entirely impartial panel of 5 individuals to conduct all of the research to our high standards. At the helm, the panel is led by a veteran academic leader with international academic and training experience and is well versed in research, fact-checking and mediation. We believe this method is the most efficient in determining which individuals and companies are most deserving in winning an award and has brought us much success and commendation throughout its use.
Is there a winner’s ceremony/award dinner and if so, when does it take place?
We do not focus our efforts on a celebratory event, despite being an enjoyable occasion, it doesn’t support our group’s philosophy of cost-effective marketing. As well as the lack of cost efficiency, AI is a company who runs awards worldwide and we believe it would be logistically difficult for some of our winners to attend an awards ceremony. We follow the belief that any of the optional costs involved with the award would be more beneficial in a year’s worth of online marketing for a winner, rather than spending it all on a ceremonial evening. All of our press announcements are made digitally, online and across our network to enforce our position as digital publishers. We aim to arm you with the tools (both digital and physical) to generate real-world value.
What happens if I am deemed successful?
There is a short press embargo in place where we ask you not to make the news public. During this period the programme manager will liaise with you to agree on the most appropriate coverage. Our main coverage takes the form of a digital celebratory magazine, but we also offer physical trophies, wall mounted and digital certificates, web-based advertisements and generic press releases which are bespoke to you or your company.
Are there any costs involved?
As previously mentioned there are no compulsory costs in accepting a nomination or winning an Acquisition International award. We do offer a variety of paid additional benefits for our winners, but these are completely optional. To demonstrate our commitment to no mandatory fees, all our winners are offered a free of charge promotional package. Our company policy will always remain: regardless of budget, our clients should always be able to garner the full value of the award and our seal of approval. We offer a variety of promotional opportunities to our winners. as we have an extensive network and we know, more than anyone, the wider business benefits from promoting industry awards.
Why does your email domain differ from your website domain?
Because we send a large volume of emails, we separate our campaign email sends from our transactional ones. This structure helps to ensure a prompt and thorough response from one of our diligent team members. The sending email address will always be recognisable but please contact us via the address on this page if you have any concerns.

This is the first time this award has run, there are no winners yet.

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