Competent, Professional & Multidisciplinary

YUASA and HARA is a multidisciplinary firm combining legal, IP prosecution and accounting/tax services. While we provide an integrated solution to all of our local and international corporate clients, our core clients are varied but are predominantly based in manufacturing and service industries, or are brand owners and retailers.

Best Corporate Law Firm 2016 – Japan

Based on the solid team work of our lawyers, patent attorneys and accounting/tax agents, we provide a wide range of services for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) from the usual legal due diligence, through to more specific purposeful evaluations of legal, IP and tax risks in M&A. In particular, our professionals share a professional understanding of not only corporate asset management and finance, but also technically valued intellectual property assets.

The M&A market in Japan
After various amendments of the company law and other regulations to encourage M&A and corporate restructuring, it is very common to see different types of M&A in Japan now. Recently, we have witnessed positive trends for international corporations from outside of Japan, seeking to acquire high quality facilities and assets of Japanese corporations, as part of their business reorganisation.

However, we are still seeing some difficulties in competitive pricing rates from the acquirer side in foreign countries due to cultural differences in business with the Japanese corporations to be acquired. As a post-merger issue, labour and human resource management is also problematic for acquirers, because Japanese labour laws and regulations tend to be much more sympathetic and favourable from the perspective of employees.

To stay at the cutting edge of new developments, recruiting the best talent not only in a legal capacity, but also a business sense is a key factor in maintaining a high level of professionalism within our qualified team.

Our most distinct advantage for M&A is being able to quickly assemble a competent team of qualified law, IP and accounting/tax professionals who can seamlessly work together on the task at hand.

In addition, all our professionals are capable of working in English and Chinese, and are fluent in both of these languages.

Company: YUASA and HARA
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