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In an ever-more globalized world, the need for a solid supply chain is a key part of the success of many businesses. The team at MailAmericas are a vital link for those in Latin America and have expanded across borders. This growth has seen them named Best Cross-Border Logistics Solutions Provider 2021 – Americas in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards. We dig a little deeper to find out more.

Founded in 2002, MailAmericas has always had the dream of providing cross-border mail solutions to Latin America at its core. With nearly 20 years of service under the team’s belt, they have made this dream into impressive reality. A network of 17 postal operators in the region has revolutionized the industry and allowed the team to reach new heights of success.

The model that MailAmericas uses has been implemented around the world. The team have broadened their horizons, expanding into Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe. This growth for the business has added a total of 65 Direct Access Agreements with Postal Operators around the world. In 2012, the team started to provide solutions in the realm of eCommerce, empowering international sellers, and marketplaces to compete with similar conditions to domestic players.

Now, as MailAmericas celebrates 20 years of operation, the business has become renowned for bringing cutting-edge package tracking and information processing solutions to the market. They have incorporated private companies, including airlines, freight forwarders, third-party logistics firms, and last-mile service companies into their Alternative Delivery Solutions network which has opened the door to numerous markets. Needless to say, the public-private synergistic matrix of DPOs and private players lies at the beating heart of the company’s success, especially now it has been applied to the international eCommerce ecosystem.

This field of growth is a point of pride for the MailAmericas team. They have worked alongside some of the leading platforms in the eCommerce sector to build an impressive network. Each customer has their own needs, and everyone has a very different background. The problem comes from finding ways to create a tailored solution that meets the inherent challenges of their profiles. Because the MailAmericas team are intimately aware of the logistical difficulties of working in Latin America, they are able to act as a bridge to entirely new markets. This offer has brought a great deal of business to the firm, and positioned them as a team which has been able to successfully support the expansion of major global marketplaces in the region.

The main force that drives the value of MailAmericas is the team’s flexibility and adaptability. The team’s significant experience in the cross-border business have given them a vast knowledge of how different last mile networks operate in the region. The regulations and requirements that each country have from Latin America to Africa are very different and require flexibility, adaptation and understanding. The team highlight these differences from the very beginning of the process, and this is one of the main reasons why so many turn to them for help.

The benefit of working with the MailAmericas team is that they know precisely which entities need to be worked with when issues arise. This means that their partners can count on a legal team that understands what needs to be done. One of the key differentials is that MailAmericas is a local organization, and can understand the needs of the market much better than competitors that operate in China, the US or anywhere in Europe. The team’s multi carrier platform allows them to adapt to the requirements of different countries and regions, because each of them is obviously very specific in the nature of its territory.

The COVID-19 pandemic has only supercharged the work of MailAmericas, and Latin America has become one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in the world with a phenomenal 36.7% growth rate, amounting to $85 billion. Last year alone, amid the crisis, the region had more than 13 million people making online transactions for the first time, according to a report by the renowned data company, Statista. This growth is set to continue for the months and years to come, feeding the expansion of MailAmericas.

Of course, the challenges of working during an unprecedented situation, such as a pandemic, have changed the way in which businesses such as MailAmericas operate. The team have been met with incredible cost increases alongside a significant reduction in the amount of working days as a result of the pandemic. The exposure of Last Mile Operators, an important factor in the travel of the contagion, also led to lower capacity in many regions, and even an entire lack in some areas. The team were forced to take the initiative and create new and exciting delivery solutions to cope with the growing backlog.

It was to the team’s credit that their history of continual growth and innovation allowed them to develop a network that was very easily scaled to meet the challenge of the day. MailAmericas was able to incorporate more carriers without any compromise to the quality of their service to clients. The team’s transparency throughout the crisis was much appreciated by those who used their services, and they maintained chartered flights and special delivery protocols to ensure that they were able to deliver throughout, where many companies simply discontinued their services.

The future of MailAmericas is bright indeed, with the team having delivered approximately three million packages per month, a number which is likely to rise to five million by the end of the year. The team have proven that their operation is not just a key factor in growth on an international scale, but is a major part of the reason that so many are turning to Latin America. As the team explore the nature of growth in this exciting region, the role of eCommerce is certain to play a major part. Fortunately, the MailAmericas team are ready and working expectantly to take this region to the next level.


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Nicolas Tabanera, Commercial Director of MailAmerica