National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll Finds Younger Generations Are Redefining Path to Success


Younger Americans are shifting how they achieve the shared American goals of family, homeownership and career as they face new, evolving challenges, finds a new poll released today by The Allstate Corporation and National Journal.

The 23rd Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll explores Americans’ priorities and expectations for their personal finances, education, employment and family life. The poll also takes an in-depth look at Americans’ perceptions about the best “road map” to a successful life and the difference between “younger” Americans who are getting started in life and “older” Americans who have moved past that stage.1

“Young people want the ‘American Dream’ of homeownership, career and financial security, though they’re working hard to achieve it on different paths compared to their parents and other generations,” said Troy Hawkes, Field Senior Vice President of Allstate. “The latest Heartland Monitor data also reflects that younger Americans want to invest in their local communities in terms of commitment and volunteerism. Their dedication is a good sign for the future of our communities.”