Autonomous Electric Van

The business of transportation is hardly new, however, some of the newest businesses to emerge onto the scene have models and processes that their predecessors do not. Even though this industry will for the most part always be an essential sector of business, that does not mean that you as an owner should rest on your laurels. One of the best things about bringing a longstanding transportation business up to speed in terms of innovation and modernity, is that you do not have to use strategies that are exclusive to your industry. Instead of focusing narrowly on only logistics-based processes, expand your horizons into small businesses in general and from that point you will be able to pick and choose what does and does not work for your goals while still honoring your individual brand and identity.


GPS Tracking Software

It does not matter if you have a fleet of one, or one hundred, if you want to optimize for efficiency and real time data analytics, you need to implement GPS tracking software. Making a change in terms of tech within a business can be polarizing and some people are highly resistant to it. However, in many cases what is actually feared, is the transition process, not the actual using of the software.

When you begin to consider your options, think about your needs, and your hopes. What kinds of things do you wish that you could have eyes on at all times in terms of your road team? You can utilize real- time business insights with live GPS tracking to improve fleet productivity, respond rapidly to changing conditions, catch problems early, share live tracking with customers, and install your hardware in minutes. If that doesn’t sell you, then think about what this is going to mean in terms of your in-office team. Dispatchers, customer service reps, managers, and even shareholders can all benefit from the offerings of such a software.


Web Presence

It is safe to say that in today’s world, online presence carries significantly more weight than print ads in terms of traffic to your business. Of course, there will always still be a time and a place for print, or even radio or television ads, but your website needs to be on point regardless. And while word of mouth can be beneficial as well, it is simply never going to be able to compete with the outreach that you can gain from building an effective website for your business.

Your company’s website needs to answer questions that potential and existing customers have, and quickly. You have a very small window of time to make a first impression with your website before users click right on over to your competition. Some ways to increase the functionality of your page so that it performs at the highest level are:

∙ Structure: Making sure it is mobile responsive so that people do not have to be on a computer to navigate your site.

∙ Easy to find: Your domain name needs to be simple yet specific.

∙ Contact information: This needs to be easily accessible from the home page and in big enough print to stand out.

You also need to have an understanding of your competition when building or improving your website. Knowing what does and does not work for your competitors is a priceless insight for how to make your own site stand out.


Search Engine Optimization

Most commonly noted as SEO, search engine optimization ensures that the content of your website satisfies the search engines to the point that your business is a top hit when searched. You already know that your website has to be well engineered, however content matters just as much as format and structure. There are easily implemented SEO tactics that you can start almost immediately, but if you do not feel that what you are capable of on your own is enough, consider hiring someone to help you get started. This does not have to become an in-house position, although it can, you can outsource this to a freelancer as a one-time project and opportunity to get the ball rolling. Once you understand what SEO is, and how to manage it, you may not need someone to officially hold this position on your team.