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Founded in 2004, Ukwazi is a multi-disciplinary company delivering independent advisory, technical systems integration, and operational contract mining services. Since its establishment, the company has delivered value through its unwavering focus on integration, sustainability, and smart design. Ukwazi operates based on the belief that it only succeeds when its clients succeed. For this reason, it has been awarded Best Specialist Mining Advisory, South Africa, in the AI Global Excellence Awards 2023.

In South Africa, mining contributes significantly towards economic growth and employment. It is also important for the sustainability of other critical sectors, such as manufacturing and energy. Ukwazi’s services ensure ongoing growth, skill development, and capacity building in the mining industry. It aims to leverage technical and industry insights and expertise in order to drive commercial success and sector development.

Ukwazi focuses on three core areas. Firstly, it delivers independent technical mining advisory and onsite services, including capacity building and knowledge transfer. The company’s experienced technical teams oversee a range of solutions, varying from exploration management, engineering solutions and feasibility studies, to onsite technical services and CPR/ITR.

Secondly, Ukwazi offers services related to mining operations. It outsources mining contract solutions to optimise its clients’ operations, reduce costs, enhance on-site safety, and add value to their businesses. The company’s expertise encompasses surface mining contracting, specialist contract mining, and contract management.

Lastly, Ukwazi provides technical system integration services. It delivers a holistic, integrated mining system that enhances efficiencies whilst significantly decreasing the costs of operation. Using visual dashboards, integrated KPI reporting, and the assimilation of specialised mining data analytics, the company enables separate mining systems to function as a logical whole.

Over the years, Ukwazi has driven change, surpassed expectations, and excelled within its sector. It delivers cohesive, bespoke solutions to its clients, which it achieves through its culture of radical collaboration, recruitment of leading sector talent, and in-depth knowledge of technical disciplines. The company is motivated by the sense of achievement experienced when a project is completed, and both the team and the client are extremely proud of the result.

The key to Ukwazi’s success is in its strong, diverse, and focused team. The company believes that the best teams are led by experienced and qualified specialists. Its leaders are equipped with a deep understanding of the mining industry and its various complexities.

This enables them to identify emerging opportunities and effectively navigate potential challenges. Ukwazi’s leaders are known for their strategic vision and effective, proactive decision making; they set clear goals, establish strategies, and make informed decisions to drive the company towards success.

While the talents of Ukwazi’s leaders are crucial, the skills of the teams they lead are equally important. Each team member is an expert in their respective discipline, bringing their own unique skills to the table. The success of the company relies heavily upon their abilities and knowledge. For this reason, it invests in employee talent development and professional growth by providing training, mentorship programmes, and opportunities for advancement. This has not only contributed towards the growth of the company but also created loyalty and commitment amongst the team. The company believes that mutual trust and loyalty between members and leaders is pivotal.

To fully utilise the abilities of its employees, Ukwazi’s leadership strives to foster a culture of innovation within the team by encouraging members to think creatively, challenge norms, and seek new opportunities. To this end, it aims to cultivate a collaborative and inclusive work environment by promoting the value of communication, mutual respect, and sharing ideas.

This allows employees to leverage each other’s expertise and perspectives in order to deliver the best results for clients. With its employees constantly innovating, the company is able to maintain its position at the forefront of industry trends, effectively adapt to changing conditions in the market, and identify novel solutions to complex challenges.

In the successful completion of its projects, Ukwazi’s technical experts, technical discipline leads, and their respective Superteams are key. Each Superteam is self-managed, controlling their own scope, schedule, and effort. The company’s strong project control teams and its integrated project managers, who are all primarily technical experts, add to the client experience, enabling the Superteams to focus on delivering value.

As a result of the superior level of service it delivers to clients, Ukwazi has achieved great success in the AI Global Excellence Awards 2023, having been named this year’s Best Specialist Mining Advisory in South Africa. Ukwazi is proud of its position in the mining industry; it has settled within a niche and gained the utmost respect from its clients, who choose to work with its team again and again. The company currently faces some difficult challenges, including rising prices and lengthy power outages.

However, Ukwazi looks to the future with optimism. The mining industry is currently an exciting place to be, with a multitude of new opportunities to consider, including the use of renewables, digital transformation, and the need to supply green or battery metals. The company is therefore looking forward to some promising new developments in the coming years.

We congratulate Ukwazi on its success in the Global Excellence Awards and look forward to seeing what the company accomplishes as it continues to grow organically and strive for global expansion.

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