Medical Malpractice Law

Since 1983, Bell Legal Group has been practicing the art of law and using science to find the truth. It is dedicated to helping people get through some of the most complex, difficult life tragedies, and it has become the go-to law firm. We take a look at how Bell Legal helps clients, in light of Acquisition International naming it Leading Medical Malpractice and Product Litigation Attorney of the Year, South Carolina.

Bell Legal Group’s proven team is experienced and highly skilled – and it has earned a reputation for achieving results where others could not. Unlike some law firms that try to handle cases spanning too many practice areas, Bell Legal keeps its focus on select areas of injury law to provide the client with the most comprehensive, effective representation. It can help the client with medical malpractice, auto defects, environmental law, nursing home negligence, police and jail misconduct, and fatal and catastrophic injury cases.

Bell Legal’s South Carolina injury attorneys work hard to provide a high standard of legal services. They dedicate time and energy to responding to the individual needs of each and every client, representing those who have suffered serious personal injuries all across South Carolina, including Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Florence, Sumter and Georgetown, and throughout the country.

Beyond its seasoned legal team, Bell Legal is the only law firm in America with its own state-of-the-art science and research lab dedicated to accurately recreating accidents or crime scenes. Its attorneys have the skill and resources to handle the most complex cases – and they are not afraid to go to trial. Bell Legal employs a team of trained engineers, researchers, private investigators, psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, nurses, doctors, and more; essentially, anyone needed to find out what really happened.

Unlike some personal injury cases, medical malpractice is typically complex. Uncovering the truth is much like piecing together a puzzle, and it takes a combination of knowledge, experience, and determination to get it right. Bell Legal’s team has in-depth experience in handling medical litigation claims and has worked with a number of individuals and fellow lawyers over the years, taking on challenging medical malpractice lawsuits.

The attorneys don’t give in until they get to the bottom of what really happened; they analyse, they fight, they get it right. For more than three decades, the firm has compiled and mastered volumes of information about complex health issues and laws that govern the rights of injured patients. This is done by consulting with experienced doctors and healthcare professionals who assist in the analysis of cases, as well as testify as expert witnesses.

If you’ve been hurt, or if a loved one has been injured or killed as a result of medical negligence, please seek legal representation at once. You must file a claim before the statute of limitations expires, or risk permanently forfeiting your right to recover compensation.

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