Over the last few years, e-commerce businesses worldwide have seen a drastic shift in the shopping habits of their online customer base. Most of these changes are because of the Coronavirus pandemic, which saw more and more people turn towards online shopping as access to physical retail spaces was restricted.

E-commerce platforms such as Amazon marketplace have seen huge boosts in popularity. But as more shoppers used the platform, more brands signed up to sell products across a huge variety of sectors and industries through the site, creating a very competitive marketplace.

Today, it is harder than ever for brands to stay ahead of their competitors and get their products in front of their target audience. So, what can e-commerce businesses do to optimise their sales on Amazon?

Invest in your SEO

Optimising your product listings is a highly important first step in any SEO campaign and is vital when it comes to increasing your online visibility and boosting your sales.

Much like any successful online advertising campaign, an optimised listing will make it far easier for potential customers to find your products within the organic search results, helping to dramatically increase your chances of making a sale.

From a best practice point of view, you first need to create a list of the relevant keywords that you want your products to be targeting. Amazon operates similarly to search engines such as Google, so keywords to determine how your listing ranks within the organic search results on the platform.

So, by incorporating key phrases into your listing content such as product titles and descriptions, you can optimise the performance of your Amazon listings and boost the chances of your brand being seen by potential customers. Boosting visibility can boost sales.

Consider a PPC campaign

SEO may be vital to your success on Amazon, but paid advertising also has an important role to play in boosting your e-commerce sales.

When listing products in such a hugely competitive marketplace, it is the brands who make use of paid advertising opportunities who are the ones who will see the best return on their investment.

Setting up a fully optimised Amazon PPC advertising campaign to run alongside your SEO strategy is a great way to greatly increase your visibility within Amazon search results and boost sales.

With a wide range of paid advertising options available on Amazon, building a customised campaign that adheres to your goals, budgets, and requirements has never been easier. However, if you find yourself unsure of where to start, or don’t have the time to manage a dedicated paid advertising campaign, partnering with a dedicated Amazon PPC expert to help setup and manage your campaign may be the perfect solution. Teaming up with an expert Amazon advertising agency for example is a great way to ensure the success of your brand on the e-commerce platform. And while you leave your campaign management to the professionals, you’re free to focus on the many factors that go into running a successful business!