Professional Accounting and Taxation Limited is a professional accounting firm established in Hong Kong since 1982. We have a great team of good experienced and specialised associates with expertise in accounting, taxation and legal knowledge. Our client base spans industries from different sectors, including: construction and engineering, transport and logistics, medical services, general trading, insurance, jewels, manufacturing, retail and distribution and all other businesses.

Over the years, through our sincerity and endeavour, we have developed very closed relationships with individuals and SME enterprises in Hong Kong, Taiwan and most importantly, we have built up a strong network with Mainland China operating for almost 25 years.

Facing the highly competitive business environment nowadays, Professional Accounting and Taxation Limited aims at providing clients with a wide range of professional services of high quality and assists them with their most complex business challenges. We are also renowned for providing practical and current information to clients with a view to setting up business in Hong Kong SAR and the PRC. And we have our branch offices in different provinces of China.

Our services include but not limited to: (1) Accounting services; (2) Taxation services; (3) Corporate finance consultancy services; (4) Company formation – worldwide; (5) Company secretarial services; (6) Personal auto office services; (7) Registration of trade marks – worldwide and; (8) Legal consultancy services;

In regards to our consultancy offering, our dedicated team are well-equipped to provide a full-range of corporate finance advisory services to companies who are seeking capital funding for future business developments. We are able to match your financial needs to the right channel through our strong connections with various financial institutes and investors.

In addition, we deeply immerse ourselves in our client’s business, with our advice being quick and to the point. Our commitment to our job guides everything we do, indeed without such an ethos, we would not be the firm we are today. Every time we take on a new client, we take time to understand their needs, before putting a robust plan of action in place.

Facing today’s highly competitive business environment, Professional Accounting and Taxation Ltd not only aims to provide our clients with a wide range of professional services of high quality, but to also assist them with their most complex business challenges.
In short, we immerse ourselves deeply in the client’s business and industry. Advice is always quick and to the point. Indeed, our values are to attain high efficiency but low service charges, as we actively attend to the needs of our clients’.

Looking ahead to the future, arguably our biggest challenge will be the increased competition in our geographical area in Kowloon, Hong Kong. In short – we truly believe the best way of responding to this competition is through the training of our staff – and the development of our business approach. Please visit our website ( and we hope that we can partner with you to expand your business in Hong Kong and China.

Company: Professional Accounting and Taxation Ltd
Name: Zue Lo
Address: 7/F Pearl Oriental Tower 225 Nathan Road Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Phone: + 852 2472 2222