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SEDDIK firm is a firm of Chartered Accountants Consultants, established in Morocco since 1996. Since its inception, Cabinet SEDDIK aims two goals, firstly to accompany clients at every stage of their development and secondly, to provide offers multidisciplinary services in all areas of management.

Accompany clients at every stage of their development

Given the idiosyncrasies of each customer, it is necessary today to give each company an appropriate response to its size, sector of activity and the specific requirements of its stage of development: creation, expansion, redevelopment, reconciliation, acquisition, transmission. SEDDIK Firm has experience and specific tools to meet the individual requirements of each client and every need. This is also understood in the field of national and international geographical development to ensure a local service aware of local conditions.

Provide offers multidisciplinary services in all areas of management

The increasing complexity of customer demands and their multiplicity a require interventions that cover all needs: accounting, tax, audit, payroll and HR services, IT, organisation, legal and management consulting. Multidisciplinary teams at Cabinet SEDDIK allows all of its customers to benefit from personalised and efficient services.

By a division of powers within its teams and the synergies developed internationally, Cabinet SEDDIK allows all customers to benefit from the services provided by high-level specialists in different areas. The success of Cabinet SEDDIK ambitions utilises a homogeneous team of people characterised by a spirit of trust and solidarity. Finally, to meet the needs of its customers and to enable the development of their international activities, the firm entered into several partnership agreements internationally.


Created in 1996, Cabinet SEDDIK includes Accountants and Consultants Enterprises. Based in Casablanca, Cabinet SEDDIK operates on the entire territory of Morocco and is involved in various business sectors. Since its inception, Cabinet SEDDIK, ensures support for its customers at every stage of their development, taking into account the specificities of each in order to employ a more suitable solution.

SEDDIK Cabinet draws its reputation in the involvement and reputation of his associates, and the quality of services offered to its customers. These personalised and efficient services are provided by multidisciplinary teams and top specialists.

In 2001, a Council of Company and Management Training “SEDDIK & Associés”, was created under the leadership of our firm to consolidate our expertise in Consulting and to be attentive to the needs of our customers. Since its creation, the number of employees the firm has grown from five to twenty permanent and constituting the limit of human size to ensure quality personalised service.

Diversified and experienced professionals, imbued with a spirit of solidarity and trust are now the guarantee of a high quality of service and also the trust we enjoy with our customers.

Our values

Driven by the desire to capitalise extensive experience in all areas of the Expertise and Consulting Firm SEDDIK effort to provide multidisciplinary services based on respect three key principles:

• Excellence

• Competence

• Independence

SEDDIK provides its customers its expertise and know-how broken down by sectors to best meet their specific needs. In a context marked by the proliferation of free trade agreements, the increased competition and the internationalisation of standards for quality, financial and accounting, have become an essential tool of competitiveness. Moroccan enterprises should therefore seriously consider their policy restructuring and upgrading to enhance their presence both locally and at markets abroad.

SEDDIK Firm staff are committed to support our customers during this important stage of their lives, to share with them their knowledge of national and international industry conditions, advise with respect to growth opportunities while ensuring their guarantee management systems risk adapted to even allow them to face the future with more confidence.

Cabinet SEDDIK is the winner of:


• ACQUISITION INTERNATIONAL M&A Accountancy & Consulting – 2014

• SEDDIK Firm is member of MSI Global Alliance, Independent legal & accounting firms.

Services offered SEDDIK Firm mission is to assist their clients in all areas of Consulting building on appropriate skills and always on the lookout for technological innovations. The scope of services covers various fields and to meet the demand of the clients in a consistent, integrated and harmonious.

Finally, the range of services covers all areas of expertise and Consulting include:

• Legal auditing & Auditing;

• Management Consulting;

• Accounting support;

• Financial planning and assistance with implementation;

• Legal and tax advice;

• Training and Human Resource Development;

• Diagnostics, organization & Support for the implementation internal control and management skills.

Company: Cabinet Seddik
Address: 27, Bd Mohamed
Zerktouni, 3th Floor. P.O.Box
20100, Casablanca, Morocco
Telephone: 00 212 5222 54000
Facsimile 00 212 52277 43 57