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Article Image - 2016 Influential Business Woman Awards FAQs
Posted 18th February 2016

2016 Influential Business Woman Awards FAQs

2016 Influential Business Woman Awards FAQs

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2016 Influential Business Woman Awards FAQs

2016 Influential Business Woman Awards FAQs

Who will be voting?

Acquisition International have put forward a selection of candidates who we believe to be deserving of an award for their achievements over the past year. Additionally, the voting forms have been sent out to the 108,000 subscribers of Acquisition International Magazine. We accept both self and third party nominations.

Will nominees find out who voted for them?

No, the voting process is strictly confidential and we do not give specific details out as to whom has cast votes.

How have you ensured the voting process is legitimate?

To ensure that a firm cannot guarantee success by submitting multiple votes, we track the IP addresses of the voters. We do exercise this with some caution though as we appreciate that multiple people in the same office may wish to cast votes. We will be going through all nominations thoroughly once the voting period has closed.

How do you determine the winners?

Winners are determined by three factors: 1) by the number of votes received 2) using our own in-house research (a vital component considering we accept self-nominations as well as third party) and 3) by the supporting evidence received. All items are taken into consideration when we come to determine the overall winners.

Is there an awards dinner?

We do not host an awards dinner or presentation. In all honesty it’s our overriding philosophy that if we’re going to ask our winners to part with their monies, it shouldn’t be for a slap up dinner or a pat on the back! We prefer that advertising budgets go towards meaningful campaigns where there is a real opportunity to promote the brand and grow the client base.

Instead of a dinner, we focus all of our efforts on producing our winner’s supplement. In addition, we are a global program and it can be quite the challenge bringing enough people together to host a significant event!

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