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PatentAxis Inc. is a Canadian patent services firm located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The firm provides its clients with international patent protection strategies and solutions and access to the firm’s established connec-tions with foreign patent law firms and registered professionals specializing in patent law such as patent agents, patent attorneys, and patent lawyers, as well as related non-registered patent experts, specialists and consultants. We spoke to their Chief Patent Officer, Jaidip Chatterjee, to find out more.

Personally, I place a tremendous value on client relationships. From the enthusiasm and energy of local small and medium sized businesses to the sophistication and collegiality of patent professionals amongst international clients, it’s the existing relationship that motivates the sometimes intense effort needed to obtain patents.

I feel fortunate to have been rewarded with a client roster of professional relationships that include a personal connection. This is a likely reflection of a PatentAxis Inc’s founding principle of treating every client as a pre-mium client, with an emphasis on client communications and client satisfaction. Regardless of the size of the client a concerted effort is made to provide clear and practical advice at each decision point, and whenever relevant set out options with benefits and risks of each option. Ultimately, clear communication, particularly when reciprocated from a client, allows PatentAxis Inc. to align patent services and patent strategy to each client’s goals. The core service is patent filing, analysis and prosecution, but there are so many parallel options that can arise during filing and prosecution that selection and execution of the appropriate option really does benefit from a thorough understanding of client goals.

For our business, Client communication is paramount. Answer calls/emails promptly. ‘I’m too busy’ is not accepted as an excuse for not answering a client promptly. Underlying all communication is an attempt to provide clear and practical advice to set out decision points and available options so that clients can make informed and educated choices. I’m a firm believer that time invested in educating clients pays off with clients providing accurate instructions, making better decisions and improving relevancy of their patents.

What separates us from our competitors is that we provide a fixed fee option for all types of patent agency work products in Canada. Historically, our clients when presented with a choice between hourly rates and fixed fees have overwhelmingly chosen fixed fees. So, over the years fixed fee options have been expanded to all Canadian work products. Another distinguishing feature is communication and accessibility, particularly for telephone calls – a professional to answer communications promptly if not immediately is not common. Final-ly, PatentAxis places a heavy emphasis on telephone interviews with Examiners. Whenever suitable, Examiner interviews are conducted to help expedite patent prosecution and reduce patent prosecution costs.

Cost and time efficiencies are also a constant focus of ours. Overhead and human resource costs are always examined for relevance and impact. In terms of professional fees, the idiom ‘time is money’ literally applies, and we actively stay abreast of software advances to achieve time efficiencies, including staying current on all electronic or online filing procedures. Every software development comes with benefits and risks. Full review of new software to take advantage of benefits and mitigate risks is standard practice at PatentAxis.

An ongoing challenge is to remain current with new developments with patent procedures and laws in coun-tries other than Canada. This is part of a larger challenge to maintain and foster our international relationships. With local clients a lunch at a restaurant or a client site visit can easily be set to discuss new developments. Clearly, setting such meetings with international contacts is not nearly as feasible. Fortunately, our internation-al contacts include patent professionals that can summarize developments very efficiently by email or phone. Attending international patent conferences for opportunities to meet in person also helps.

When looking for firms in our industry, the primary qualification is experience in filing, analysing and prosecut-ing patent applications. Less obvious but sometimes equally important, clients should look to receive practical advice that marries patent strategy to business goals and commercialization plans. Also, the ability to assess and explain multiple strategies is crucial. PatentAxis tries to propose a patent strategy that is best suited for each client file and avoids a cookie cutter or one-size-fits all approach. The patenting process is complex and nuanced, and frequently a step in the process may have multiple options. The ability to explain multiple available options in the context of client goals is important.

To be given this award is decidedly gratifying. The recognition from AI Awards is very much appreciated. Anytime a client takes time out of their day to place a vote, it should be taken as a high compliment. We feel privileged each time a new client file is initiated, and we strive to be successful for all clients. Hopefully, this award is an indication that our clients understand and appreciate our efforts on their behalf.

Awards such as these are very important. In fact, they may be one of the clearest indicators of overall client appreciation. PatentAxis Inc. has a strict internal confidentiality policy that prevents providing client testimo-nials or providing client referrals in discussions with potential new clients. Sometimes potential new clients will request a client name and phone number as a referral; we can’t accommodate that request, first because of confidentiality and second because we don’t want to impose on the client.  Therefore, awards serve an undeniably useful purpose of pointing to a validation from existing clients without risking any appearance of an imposition or breach of confidentiality.

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