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New Zealand Services is a boutique agency based in Auckland providing a comprehensive suite of services to clients who want to invest, immigrate or study in New Zealand.

Since 2009 we have been supporting high net-worth individuals invest, study or visit New Zealand. We also support companies relocating their businesses, opening new subsidiaries, or sending expatriates abroad. Our 15 years of experience in the country have given us a wealth of information and networks we put at the disposal of our clients.

Focusing on supporting individuals, families and companies through the visa process is our forte alongside supporting international students who want to study in New Zealand for language courses and higher education. In addition our Investment branch specialise in real estate, business creation acquisitions and other financial products.

As a company we believe in bespoke solutions and have developed end-to-end services to ensure all aspects of the project are handled efficiently, assisting our clients in every step of the process.

Immigrating to a new country is a life changing event, especially when families are involved in the move. The visa procedure can often be long, complex and stressful. Families have to be informed then settled in the best way possible to ensure a soft landing and maximise the chance of a successful integration.

We offer services to help clients settle properly and deal with all matters related to relocation: accommodation and associated needs, education support and assistance for spouses are all included in the service we offer. A large majority of our clients stay with us to deal with their real estate, tax, business and education needs. We have been building long-term business relationships over the years and word of mouth has proved to be our strongest source of new clients.

Buying a business or setting up a new one requires a sound knowledge of the business environment, administrative processes and an understanding of local valuation methods. New Zealand services have been designing their products and services around that philosophy: we support our clients from helping them to define and assess the feasibility of their project to their arrival in New Zealand and beyond.

2015 and 2016 has seen us develop innovative services which have been closely watched and discussed with our partners from the Department of Immigration and Department of Education. This has helped us to keep in touch with the latest developments and decisions from those key departments and therefore we can better support our clients navigate the process and increase their chances of success.

Our client typology varies according to the services they are seeking: investment, education or immigration. As a general rule, our clients are high-net worth investors, entrepreneurs or middle management to executive level managers. Students coming for education purposes to New Zealand are usually supported by parents fitting in those categories as well.

In addition we participate to specialised fairs in France mainland, New Caledonia and Tahiti targeting events focused on expatriates and studying abroad. Our next event will be the Expat Forum, held on 31 May and 1st June in Paris. Our main focus there will be immigration and entrepreneurship, and we will be coming with listings of business acquisition opportunities. We will bring one of our tax lawyer partners along and our immigration and education advisors will also be present so we can give a global overview to prospective clients.

As for selling the New Zealand destination, we must say that this incredible country sells itself really well. We never find ourselves having to convince people that a move to a dynamic economy (less than 5.6% unemployment), where they can enjoy an amazing lifestyle in a safe and beautiful environment is a good idea. In fact people are convinced even before meeting us. Then it’s just a matter of finding the right way to help them get into the country and settle.

Since living in the country the founders of New Zealand Services have seen the huge developments of the country. They bring their wealth of experience to our extensive network of clients. Every other member of our team has been through the immigration process as well so we all understand the physical and psychological aspects of the decision making.

Some of our staff members have gone onto starting families in New Zealand, so we could say that we have a first-hand experience on the complete process. We are always happy to share our personal tips and tricks to make the experience less stressful and optimise the chances of a successful settlement.

We attach great importance to being transparent and realistic with our clients, and we value building long lasting relationships over a quick dollar. These principles are widely shared by all our team members.

Looking ahead to the future, our main challenge is to keep expanding our client base while retaining the same level of service. However in order to maintain this, we carefully select our new ventures so we don’t stretch our resources and we have designed our organisation so we can easily absorb overflows through building close relationships with quality providers and sharing our level of commitment.

One of our main goals is to expand further than our historical French market. There is space for integrated immigration/investment services on the market and we are now beginning to target the wider European market.

New Zealand Services
Name: Philippe Meneut
Address: PO Box 125 139 Saint
Heliers, Auckland 1740
Telephone: +64 21 183 96 19