Industrial start ups have some of the highest initial capital requirements of any business. The most significant part of the start up capital will be for purchasing equipment. You can spend less money by choosing to buy quality but used equipment. It will save costs while allowing your start up to run, especially if you have budget constraints.

However, you should know how to recognize quality used equipment, or you might lose money on equipment that will not serve you well. If you choose to keep industrial start up costs low by recognizing quality used equipment, the following are things to consider:

The Age of The Equipment

First and foremost, you should look for the equipment’s description and determine its age. The most crucial aspect of equipment’s age is the hours of usage, as an older machine may be in better condition than a newer one if it has fewer hours of usage. The equipment’s usage will also determine its maintenance, a crucial element in a checklist for launching a new business.

Knowing how much the machine has been used can determine which parts require replacement. If the seller does not have enough information about the equipment, you should do your own research and find out the machine’s usage elsewhere.

Equipment Inspection

You should always test equipment before buying it, even if you trust the seller. Therefore, you should inspect the equipment to get quality used equipment. First, go and see the equipment personally to determine its worthiness.

You can also hire an independent expert inspector or a manufacturer’s representative to inspect the equipment. You should conduct an online virtual inspection if you cannot visit the seller to inspect the equipment personally. It will provide you with enough information to determine whether the equipment is worth buying.

The Seller’s Reputation

When buying used equipment for your industrial start up, always remember the equipment is just as important as the seller. Therefore, you must first consider the seller’s reputation to get quality used equipment.

Ask other business owners about the reputation of a seller from whom you want to buy used equipment. Researching the company online will also help you determine if they have a good reputation.

For example, you can review Revelation Machinery’s catalogue and see what customers say about their products. You should especially be able to tell if the seller is honest and transparent from the start.

The Machine’s Condition

Machines suffer wear and tear depending on their age and hours of use. However, machines will be maintained differently and perform differently, so it is crucial to evaluate the machine’s condition.

You should be able to know how the equipment is functioning during an inspection. You may find out some parts of the equipment are debilitated and require repair or replacement for it to function optimally.

You should also examine the equipment’s maintenance, affecting the operational state. Check the maintenance records to see how well the equipment has been maintained and how it affects its operation.


Working with used equipment is precarious because they can face serious issues even when you do your research and judge the equipment plus the seller adequately. Quality used equipment should have a warranty guaranteeing that it will be repaired if it breaks down in use.

Therefore, look out for a warranty when shopping for used equipment. The warranty should be in writing and explicitly state what it will cover regarding damage. Pay attention to the warranty details and duration to get the best deal possible.

Looking for used equipment will be challenging, especially for an industrial start up. You can improve your chances of getting quality used equipment by conducting an inspection, finding a reputable seller, determining the age and use of the equipment, examining the equipment’s state of operation, and getting a warranty.