Whether you are running an online business or simply just a consumer trying to have the best experience on the internet possible, things are only sometimes plain sailing.

Whether it is having your data stolen, mined, stored, or sold, getting that feeling of exploitation as you do your business online is easy. It has been reported that data is becoming more valuable than oil, which makes more sense why most third parties and companies are attempting to use cookies and other methods to store as much data as possible from online users.

As well as nefarious third parties, we are also seeing a rapid rise in cybercriminals and hackers that go online. Whether it is phishing scams and identity theft that can be financially crippling to ransomware and malware attacks that can destroy PC hardware, there are so many threats online.

People have turned to a handy tool called a Virtual Private Network to retain and regain online safety and privacy. This technological device has helped people access the internet remotely and go about their online activities without having their data stolen or prying eyes watching them from bad actors.

VPNs have rapidly increased over the past few years as Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other third parties have made the internet more restricted and limited, and cybercrime has continued to rise. The locked-down public showed reliance on VPNs during the COVID-19 pandemic for all sources of entertainment, work, communication, and e-commerce.

With the boosted amount of cybercrime, data breaches, and government and ISP interference, more and more online users sought a free VPN to combat this change and protect themselves.

What is a VPN?

What is a VPN – A VPN is a tool that creates an encrypted tunnel from your PC and network to the VPN server and then to the website server you are using. The internet traffic, data packets, and more all go through the encrypted tunnel, keeping your online activity totally and completely private.

On top of this, a VPN can also allow you to use any server worldwide through the VPN. This is perfect for someone who wants to access different content that is available in other regions.

The Six Biggest Benefits of Using a VPN

Gain Access To Geographically Restricted Content

Many online places will alter the content you can access based on location. This can be down to various factors, whether geographically-based recommendations or governmental censorship.

You can use a VPN to alter your online location, bypassing geo-location restrictions and blocks to access your desired content.

Get More Online Safety And Privacy

By using a VPN for your online activity, you operate through an encrypted tunnel through which your internet traffic passes – this makes it incredibly difficult for governments and hackers to intercept and decipher what you are doing online.

On top of this, a VPN can give you anonymity by cloaking your IP address, which stops advertisers and governments from knowing your real-time location and treating you accordingly.

Get Better Streaming Content

Using a VPN when you stream can significantly enhance your overall streaming experience. Many streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime will limit your content based on your location, but a VPN can circumvent this restriction.

By using a VPN and masking your activity to your ISP, you stop throttling your network and allow you to continue streaming at high speed.

Be Able To Use Public Wifi Networks

Being wary about using public networks when you are out and about is a familiar feeling. Whether waiting in an airport lounge for your flight or sitting in a cafe and wanting to do some remote work, using the public network has significant online safety risks.

You can get access and complete protection on these online public networks by using a VPN.

Save More Money Online

When you go about your e-commerce business, you should purchase flight tickets, hotels, or other transportation or online services. One common theme in online shopping is that the retailer will differ the price depending on your location.

Have A Better Online Gaming Experience

A VPN in action while you game online, can make your gaming experience much smoother. A VPN can prevent any potential DDoS attacks, reduce the lag you get, and even get you access to more exclusive, geographical gaming content.