Italian dual citizenship is trending because the country has immense benefits for immigrants. Relocation to Italy opens up an incredible lifestyle where you get quality education, excellent healthcare, and opportunities to work in business or profession. You also get one of the most powerful second passports that enables you to travel visa-free across the EU and many other parts of the world. The dual citizenship process is complicated for a novice, but you can get a consultation on Dual Italian Citizenship on for a smooth start. Let us explain why legal guidance from an expert is a must-have for aspiring immigrants.

Seek assistance in choosing the apt route

The good thing about Italian dual citizenship is that you have a choice of several routes to get into the country as a citizen. But the availability of different alternatives may overwhelm you regarding your eligibility. For example, you may qualify through your ancestral roots (descent), marital connection (marriage), or an extended stay as a resident (naturalization). Some aspirants may be eligible for two routes, such as in the case of having ancestral roots in Italy and marrying an Italian. An expert who knows immigration laws well enough can help you pick the apt alternative for the easiest access to a second passport.

Sort your paperwork

Whichever citizenship route you qualify for, you may find yourself dealing with extensive and complex documentary requirements. The descent route is perhaps the trickiest in this context because it requires documents like your ancestor’s birth, death, and marriage certificates from their local commune. Imagine the pain of procuring decades-old papers from a small commune in a different part of the world. You may have to spend a hefty amount on traveling to Italy and still not get your hands on the papers. A local legal specialist has the right connections to ease the task. They can also guide you about the translation and legalization of non-Italian documents to make them valid for the citizenship process.

Get guidance with the citizenship process

Italy is one of the easiest countries to immigrate to, but you cannot take the simplicity of the citizenship process for granted. You still need to follow several steps and wait for years to get a second passport. The extended queues at the consulate can get on your nerves. The wait gets longer if you make an error or omission in the documents or miss a step somewhere. A seasoned citizenship lawyer offers helpful guidance throughout the process, ensuring the timely completion of formalities without anything being amiss. You can focus on other aspects of relocation and be confident about closing the process sooner than later.

Moving to Italy is a ticket to a dream life for yourself and your loved ones. The dual citizenship option is the best one for aspiring immigrants. However, you cannot expect the process to be a breeze because it entails several steps. An expert can show the way and make it less challenging despite the stringent rules and requirements. You should look for a reliable one for the best guidance.