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Article Image - Reaching Out to Your Target Audience: Three Ways to Use Social Media Effectively
Posted 9th February 2022

Reaching Out to Your Target Audience: Three Ways to Use Social Media Effectively

Social media has evolved in many ways that online networking platforms are no longer considered just tools to connect with family and friends.

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Reaching Out to Your Target Audience: Three Ways to Use Social Media Effectively
Social Media

Social media has evolved in many ways that online networking platforms are no longer considered just tools to connect with family and friends.

Several industries such as food, retail, real estate and even online entertainment industries have also utilized social media as a convenient platform and online marketing tool to deliver their products and services to their target audience.

Many people see social network marketing as a valid and effective business strategy based on how many social media users exist.

Back in 2020, social media had about 3.6 billion users. That number is expected to increase to 4.4 billion in 2025.

Thus, there is considerable success potential when marketing products and services through social media.

However, what is usually not mentioned is how you can reach your target audience. If you market your business too broadly, you may spread yourself too thin and end up getting less market reach.

Given this challenge, how do you use social media effectively so you can connect to your preferred audience? This article helps you identify your target market. It also provides several tips to utilize social media for better audience reach.


Who Is Your Target Audience?

Knowing your target audience requires knowing what products, services, or content you want to offer and matching them with your audience’s needs.

Suppose you are selling IT security appliances for small and medium computer networks through social media.

If you market your services too broadly, you may end up advertising to private households or large corporations. The needs of these entities may not match the products you are offering.

However, you may be more successful if you target small or medium enterprises that need sufficient IT security.

For some businesses or content creators, identifying who their target is may be a daunting task. However, some tools can help you figure out who your potential audience is.


How to Use Social Media to Reach Your Target Audience

You can avoid stress and having strained back, head and neck by spending long hours marketing your content on social media. To lessen your burden, you may use several social networking tools to help reach your target audience.


Use Data Analytics to Determine Your Audience

If you already have an idea of your target audience, your next step should be to convince them to purchase your product.

However, if you have not identified your potential customers yet, making assumptions without data may be less effective. Additionally, guessing may likely be a waste of time, effort, and even money.

Fortunately, social media and most current web hosting services have data analysis tools to help you identify and define your potential audience. Analytics provide you with various demographic data that may help you narrow down your target market.

Some essential metrics you need to consider when gathering data analytics on your target audience include:

  • Engagement – This metric measures the audience’s interaction with your offered product, service, or content. Some activities measured include likes, comments, and audio or video playbacks.
  • Click-through rate (CTR) – This metric is based on the number of clicks your ad received. CTR is computed by dividing the number of clicks received over the number of times your ad appeared.

For example, if your ad showed up 200 times and received ten clicks, your CTR is 5%.

  • Audience reach – This statistic measures the number of users who saw your ad or content. Unlike the engagement metric, audience reach does not require the user to respond in any way to the ad.
  • Paid vs. organic likes – Paid likes or engagement are social media activities influenced by monetary payment.

For example, providing financial compensation to someone to like or review your content is considered a paid social media activity.

On the other hand, organic likes are given by users who are not influenced by payment. For example, if you read content and like it because it interests you and you are not paid, that is organic.

Utilize Hashtags

Hashtags are a convenient way to stay updated on the latest trends and topics. Hashtags are also a simple method to make your content relevant and gain an audience.

By placing relevant hashtags to your content, you make your content visible to other users who look up those hashtags.

Hashtags are prevalent on Instagram, a social media site for posting photos and short clips. However, other social media platforms may also utilize hashtags.

The more popular the hashtags you use for your content, the broader your potential audience reach becomes. However, this method is less likely to target specific audiences, and your marketing may be spread too thin.

For example, if you sell children’s clothes using #fashion, you will likely reach a broad audience quickly.

However, your posts mix in with other social media content bearing the same hashtag. Your content may likely be buried with other unrelated posts because you used a common hashtag.

On the other hand, unique hashtags create an opportunity for your content to set a new trend. When users look up those specific hashtags, the chances of your content being seen immediately may increase.

Additionally, unique and creative hashtags specific to your brand or products allow users to associate those hashtags with your business.

For example, the #DoUsAFlavor hashtag is almost unique to Lay’s marketing campaign, and #ShareACoke is specific to Coca-Cola that also serves as a call to action.

Use Ads to Market to Your Audience

In many cases, your efforts to advertise your product, service, or content organically can only get you so far. You may need to invest in paid ads to reach a wider audience or make your content more focused on your target market.

Paid advertising allows you to promote your content to the right audience and drive traffic to your page.

You can “boost” your presence through paid advertisements and make your content visible to your audience that you otherwise may have difficulties reaching.

However, not all paid ads on social media are equal. Your audience reach and engagement also depend on your target market’s presence on a specific platform.

Suppose you offer home tutorial services for high school students and pay for an ad spot on LinkedIn, a social media platform for professionals.

In this case, you are likely to have a limited reach despite having paid for the ad. Your target audience, the high school students, has little presence on your chosen social media platform.

Thus, aside from utilizing paid ads to boost your visibility, you must also know the platforms where your target audience is active.

Before deciding to go for paid ads to drive traffic and create sales, remember that many people are likely to resist those ads, especially if they see those ads as a nuisance.

To lessen the likelihood of your advertised content being skipped, ensure that the content is relevant and essential to your audience. In this case, data analytics may help determine your content’s relevance by measuring the engagement your ad produces.



Social media has provided a platform for billions of people to connect with their families and friends.

At the same time, social media also presents an opportunity for businesses and content creators to market their products and services to their target audience.

The various social media tools like data analytics, hashtags, and paid ads may help you reach your target market.

Using these tools to make informed decisions may improve your engagement and audience reach.

An online marketing strategy not only engages your product, services, and content with your target audience. A successful marketing campaign also translates to increased sales and profitability on your part.

Consult an online marketing expert for more information and tips on effectively reaching your target market and converting your engagement into actual sales.

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