Quantum3D, Inc., a leading provider of training and simulation solutions for government and commercial applications, together with HAVELSAN, a prominent global software and systems provider based in Ankara, Turkey, today announced that HAVELSAN has secured all necessary U.S. Government approvals and completed the process of acquiring the flight simulation business assets of Quantum3D. HAVELSAN’s U.S.-based subsidiary will retain the intellectual property and product lines of Quantum3D, and will continue to have offices in Milpitas, CA and Orlando, FL.

The acquisition will result in a new U.S.-based structure including two separate sister companies: Quantum3D, Inc., and Quantum3D Government Systems. Quantum3D will be a product-focused company developing off-the-shelf commercial products for sale in training markets worldwide. Existing Quantum3D products, including the award-winning MANTIS® software for real-time visual simulation, Independence® IDX Series Image Generators, and the GeoScapeSE® line of World-Wide visual database products, will continue to be sold under the Quantum3D brand name as before. This new U.S.-based entity will continue to do business using the Quantum3D name, and will be staffed primarily with existing, experienced Quantum3D employees.

Quantum3D Government Systems will be a distinct and separate services-oriented company, selling complete training solutions and services to U.S. and foreign government entities. Quantum3D Government Systems, previously known as CG2 Inc., has a long and successful track record of delivering R&D, Engineering, and Design Services to U.S. Government customers. Going forward, the former CG2 entity will do business under the name “Quantum3D Government Systems.”

“With this acquisition, we expect better access to technological developments as they happen in Silicon Valley and elsewhere in the USA, and further leveraging these technologies for HAVELSAN’s products,” said HAVELSAN Chairman of the Board Yuksel OZTEKIN. “At the same time, with Quantum3D being a 100% U.S. entity and recognized worldwide brand, we believe this will only generate a stronger marketing presence worldwide for the combined company with HAVELSAN,” added General Manager & CEO A. Hamdi ATALAY.

“Quantum3D has a long, rich history in innovating and creating industry leading simulation technologies and solutions,” saidPratish Shah, President & CEO of Quantum3D. “Under our new owner HAVELSAN, the Quantum3D team looks to accelerate our innovation and development to lead the industry with our award-winning MANTIS Image Generator and aggressively expand into air, ground, maritime and maintenance training platforms and services market.”