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Posted 2nd February 2016

CEO of the Year, Texas

IDC Inc. is a leading Texasbased infrastructure development consulting firm providing Civil Engineering, Planning & Program Management Services.

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CEO of the Year, Texas

IDC Inc. is a leading Texasbased infrastructure development consulting firm providing Civil Engineering, Planning & Program Management Services. IDC maintains a staff of professionals with the technical expertise and proven experience to provide planning, preliminary engineering, final design and program and construction management services for public works, transportation and building facilities for both public and private clients.

IDC’s resources include civil engineers, planners, architects, civil designers, CADD specialists and program/construction management professionals. IDC staff has been involved with over 400 projects of note in and around the state of Texas. Their projects include: building facilities, site work, education facility projects, urban and rural freeways, toll roads, transitways, city streets, county roadways, drainage, hydrology and hydraulics, water and wastewater facilities, and other infrastructure improvements.

CEO Jim Gonzales has more than 29 years of professional consulting and management experience, including serving as Vice President for two of the largest engineering firms in the United States. Mr. Gonzales has been involved with infrastructure
planning and project development activities with numerous cities, counties, school districts, colleges, toll and transit authorities, state and federal agencies, and other government entities. He maintains an active role with review and approval of client projects
at every stage. Mr. Gonzales has been involved with infrastructure planning and project development activities for major bond issues and has led the successful development and implementation of more than $8 billion in major capital projects and over $300 million in fees.

His involvement with diverse communities and groups has proven to be invaluable in bringing about successful capital improvement plans for both large and small communities. He has led IDC to be consistently ranked among HISPANIC BUSINESS “100 Fastest Growing” and “500 Largest” Companies in the U.S., and he and his company have been featured in other national publications including: HISPANIC, EXECUTIVE, and AMERICAN BUILDERS QUARTERLY. Most recently Jim Gonzales was selected as “CEO of the Year” by ACQUISITION INTERNATIONAL, and IDC was ranked as one of the “Top Businesses in America” by DIVERSITY.COM for their business achievements.

CEO insight
As President & CEO of IDC Inc., Jim Gonzales strategically oversees the company’s operations, marketing, finances and human resources. He leads IDC’s corporate development associated with project planning, engineering and program management services the firm provides. One of Mr. Gonzales’ major responsibilities is to represent the firm in the community. In doing so, he works with numerous elected and appointed officials, and reinforces IDC’s company reputation for competence and reliability in the field of Planning, Engineering, and Program Management Services.

Mr. Gonzales has served as a leader in numerous professional engineering and community organizations and associations for almost 30 years. He gives generously of his time to a myriad of community initiatives designed to advance IDC’s
client-partner’s initiatives, and improve the general business climate, and economic development in Texas where IDC operates. Mr Gonzales’ vision for the firm is to be an industry leader in carrying out IDC’s mission, which is “Excellence in all that we do”.

Jim Gonzales oversees the company’s direction and services with an emphasis on quality and integrity. Mr. Gonzales leads policy-level discussions concerning IDC operations, procedures and staffing. Jim Gonzales leads the development of IDC’s annual
and strategic plans. He develops the underlying strategy for any sales initiative IDC undertakes, and participates as the Principal in Charge with oversight of all the firm’s projects. In addition, Mr. Gonzales oversees the company’s finances and leads the strategy and development for IDC’s continued growth.

Recent projects and clients
IDC recently completed work on a $249 million Program Management assignment with LCISD, and has taken on a new $454 million Program Management assignment with Houston Community College (HCC). IDC is serving HCC by managing
Architects / Engineers and General Contractors implement a comprehensive building program which includes work on six campuses located throughout the Houston Area. In addition to being selected to implement the City of San Antonio’s largest mobility bond project (Design of the Presa Ramps along IH-10), IDC is also serving as the Program Manager & General Planning Consultant (GPC) for VIA Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio, Texas.

IDC is currently leading a team of Consultants on seven (7) Task Orders which include the development of a 22 mile Transit Corridor. While much of IDC’s Civil Engineering Services focuses on Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) assignments, they also perform those services in conjunction with local government entities like Fort Bend County, by designing two major roadway widenings on FM 2759 & FM 762 to accommodate growth in the Fastest Growing County in the United States. IDC will soon be performing final design engineering improvement projects on US 290 & IH 610, SH 36, IH-10, Austin MOPAC, and other assignments for TxDOT, including a Statewide Schematic contract.

Challenges and opportunities facing the industry
Among the biggest challenges and opportunities in the Civil Engineering industry is competing with other interests for limited public funds while the costs of construction continues to increase for needed Infrastructure to keep the US economy moving. In
addition, the need to attract qualified staff, adapting to regulatory changes, and adjusting to the ongoing fluctuations in the US economy in which the industry is tied, continues to present both near and long term challenges and opportunities.

IDC maintains a commitment to keep pace with trends and to monitor legislation and emerging developments affecting our industry. IDC remains active with local economic development entities, participating in industry forums, training conferences, and advocating for federal, state and local funding initiatives to support our clients and industry.

What makes IDC unique is our leadership and relentless commitment to excellence, quality and responsive service in the work we perform. Our client partners know that they will have Principals of the firm working on their assignments, and can trust the owners will be involved to ensure IDC fulfills its vision of “Performance Today for Tomorrow’s Projects”.

Contact Details

Company: IDC Inc.
Name: Jim Gonzales
Email: jimg@idcus.com
Web: www.idcus.com
Address: 11111 Wilcrest Green,
Suite 250, Houston, Texas
Telephone: (281) 703-3527
or (210) 842-4008


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