Wallick & Volk is the oldest privately held mortgage company in the United States. We are a family owned and operated mortgage lender. We have one simple mission: to assist members of our community in their efforts to realize the great American dream of home ownership. Our business model has been solid since 1932 and is built upon our knowledge of the mortgage industry
and our unwavering commitment to our customers.

As the President and CEO, my main objective is to lead Wallick & Volk into its next phase of transformative growth by leveraging my extensive experience within the mortgage banking industry, capitalizing on the markets competitive landscape and using my wealth of institutional knowledge of Wallick & Volk to propel the company forward. I am creating an elite group of 100 origination teams collectively producing over 3 billion dollars annually. Along with helping families achieve the American dream of home ownership, the teams will adhere to the core principles Wallick & Volk was founded on in 1932… honesty, integrity, hard work and passion.

Wallick & Volk was founded on four simple basic values that were created by OD Wallick in 1932: Honesty, integrity, hard work and passion. These values encapsulate the ethics of yesterday and are
very much still present in our company today.

We go beyond providing mortgages; we provide peace of mind in knowing that each borrower’s individual needs are understood and the options to address those needs will be met. We are dedicated to helping our clients manage their mortgage to maximize its impact on their finances and treat each mortgage as an investment for a lifetime.

The industry doesn’t change; it is cyclical so we strive to employ not only the industry’s best talent, but the
up and comers, the next generation. We’ve been around for over 80 years and know the way it was done yesterday isn’t the way it is going to be done tomorrow. You always have to remember what got you to where you are today is not what is going to get you there tomorrow.

Each person at Wallick & Volk is part of the process of helping our clients own their homes. One employee can’t meet our client’s needs; we must work with other employees to meet our goals. We have two clients at Wallick & Volk: the prospective mortgage holder, and the internal client—the coworker that needs our assistance to complete the dream for our primary clients.

Wallick & Volk sees its clients as more than mere numbers of closed mortgages. We see them as our friends, neighbors and family members. We use the same philosophy with our employees. We view our corporate and branch staff as vital parts of our corporate family; in fact, one of our most important assets. Perhaps that’s why we were recently ranked #2 on Mortgage Executive Magazine’s 50 Best companies to work for in America.

To ensure our clients are in the safest possible hands each member of the Wallick & Volk team understands that we are mortgage advisors. We educate first, and fund mortgages second. We understand our clients’ dreams, but we also want to teach them the secrets to maximize their long term and short term benefits.

We teach mortgage management and literacy. We help the client understand the advantages of selecting the best mortgage product to assist them with their financial and investment goals. Mortgage planning is more than finding the right loan—we educate our clients on how their mortgage affects their monthly payment, cash outlay and equity objectives. It is through the process of understanding our clients’ dreams that we create a special opportunity to provide our mortgage advising service.

Our mortgage advisors are able to eliminate fear for the first-time home buyer, provide reassurances to a move-up buyer and give peace of mind to a busy professional. We remove the stress associated with unmet expectations and the unknowns involved with
purchasing a home.

As far as the culture in our company, I believe a leader doesn’t create the culture of a company; a leader creates an opportunity for the culture to be created by the sum of its parts. The people create the culture. By bringing the people together, the culture creates itself. You don’t train people to be happy, you hire happy people and your culture perpetrates. In terms of making ourselves unique, we are the oldest non-back affiliated mortgage company in the United States. We have been doing HUD loans since 1952. We believe bigger is not better. We would rather be something very important to the few rather than something mediocre to the masses.

Our plan is to grow our people to increase our volume vs. adding people. We have been focused on enhancing our skills and will continue to do that. We plan on tripling our volume by tripling the skills of our people, not the actual number of people.

My vision is positioning Wallick & Volk as the mortgage company of the future. We will always be proud of our history; we have a passion for today’s clients and will do whatever it takes to meet their needs.

Corp. NMLS #2973, Equal Housing Lender, not a commitment to lend or extend credit.