Detecting a range of dangerous gases in the atmosphere, gas detectors are an essential part of safety equipment and are a requirement to meet CO2 storing compliance codes such as NBIC, NFPA, IFC, and OSHA regulations. CO2Meter provides high-quality, trustworthy, and reliable gas detection and monitoring solutions to meet the urgent needs of its customers. With its outstanding customer service and manufactured devices, CO2Meter is 2022’s winner of Best Gas Detection Solutions Retailer, North America, in the AI Global Excellence Awards. Here, we take a look at the origins of the business as well as the products and services its team offer.

With the goal of providing top-notch gas detection, monitoring and analysis solutions, CO2Meter was founded in 2006 and has since been utilizing the latest gas-sensing technologies to provide high quality detection devices, analyzers, and sensors. In every interaction with its customers, CO2Meter strives to educate the public about gas detection and monitoring with the goal of ensuring the health, welfare, and safety of the public. CO2Meter’s website also features a sizable news section, which provides informational resources about the dangers of gases and the importance of gas detection in many different industries, from mushroom farming to medicine.

The company was established when founder Irene Hicks realized a gap in the gas detection market in the United States compared to in South Africa, where she had previously researched gas sensors for a company that manufactured devices for a mining operation. When Irene met her husband, engineer, and entrepreneur Ray Hicks, they decided to collaborate on the project, resulting in the birth of

In 2017, the company hired a new vice president, Travis Lenander, a successful professional in Fortune 500 companies. Utilizing his background and strategic leadership, he kickstarted the business’ rapid success and built on this foundation to prepare the company for its next steps. In 2019, Travis became owner and CEO of CO2Meter and dedicated himself to advancing product development, market reach, and sales development. He also strived to increase the company’s international presence.

Today, CO2Meter manufactures and sells hundreds of devices, addressing a variety of gas types, including Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, Methane, and many more. These include fixed or wall mounted gas detectors, monitors, and alarms, which are designed for use in places where inert gas safety is vital, including restaurants, breweries, beverage establishments, cultivation facilities, and laboratories. They are used to alert surrounding people of potential danger due to higher-than-normal gas concentrations. Handheld detectors are portable and allow gas levels to be monitored anywhere. CO2 and O2 data loggers can be used to collect, view, and analyze gas level data. Indoor air quality desktop monitors can be used to improve air filtration, control CO2 levels, save energy, and create a healthier living space. Sensor modules are also available to buy, which are ideal for OEM manufacturers, scientists, engineers, and students since they are customizable to meet the necessary OEM requirements and budget. CO2Meter’s sales team is able to help customers decide which sensor fits their needs.

Known for providing high-quality and reliable gas sensing solutions, CO2Meter owes its impressive reputation to its business model which focuses on the importance of evolving, learning, and growing to provide better service to customers across the globe. The company’s customer focused technical sales and engineering support teams are there to assist customers every step of the way, from the initial application inquiry to engineering support after purchasing. With a dedicated review section on its website where any customers can leave a review, it is clear that the company values customer and partner input, which has contributed to adapting new technology in response to feedback and resulted in the development of long-lasting business relationships.

CO2Meter’s business partners now include more than just the indoor air quality market it started with. While this is still an important aspect of gas detection, advancing technologies have expanded the company’s reach into many more areas. The company’s current partners include international pharmacies, universities, and colleges, as well as various Fortune 500 companies and establishments across a range of sectors such as restaurant, scientific, agriculture, and industrial markets. Manufacturing and designing over 350 different devices and technologies which are used in more than 150 countries, CO2Meter has an outstanding reach across the globe. It continues to develop its brand and technologies, ensuring that it remains the trusted go-to source for gas sensing solutions. Innovation, research, and development allows the team to provide solutions to meet the changing needs of the company’s partners.

Despite the recent Covid-19 pandemic, CO2Meter’s team showed resilience and perseverance, enabling the business to continue to succeed despite challenges. The company is proud that the quality of its devices and level of support remained more than satisfactory to its customers throughout 2020 despite the challenges faced by many businesses at the time. CO2Meter credits its recognition as leaders in gas detection to its invaluable team. As well as achieving televised recognition, the company is now recognized as essential by its partners in the production of medical and laboratory devices and equipment. It is grateful for the continued loyalty and trust of its partners and customers, especially throughout and since the pandemic.

With high quality service and trustworthy devices, it is no surprise that CO2Meter has won Best Gas Detection Solutions Retailer, North America, in the AI Global Excellence Awards 2022. Producing educational resources and devices that aim to keep people safe from dangerous gases and improve air quality, the company is dedicated to public health. Its continued success despite difficult circumstances in recent years is a testament to the strength and resilience of the business and its team.

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