With financial information on 200 million companies across the globe, Bureau van Dijk are a major resource for company data. Our global databases contain a wealth of information on financial reports, hierarchies and statistics. Bureau van Dijk was established in 1991, and today has over 800 employees in more than 30 offices across the world, so we have truly become a global company in our scope.

Our research team operates from Manchester, Brussels and Singapore and collects data on M&A and intelligence around corporate ownership structures, as well as many other aspects of company information, such as financials. Meanwhile, our sales, marketing and customer support teams are based across every continent, from offices in cities including Beijing, Chicago, Dubai, Johannesburg, London, Sydney and Tokyo. The products and software that Bureau van Dijk offer are developed in offices in Geneva and Brussels, and we have been ISO 9001-compliant since 1998.

Bureau van Dijk specialise in private company information. Indeed, we ensure that our clients have access to extensive information on private companies, detailed company hierarchies and standardised financial reports so they can compare companies across the world. We use a global database, Orbis, which currently has more than 140 sources. Orbis, along with our other databases, contains a wide range of company information and business intelligence for individual countries, regions and the world.

We are always looking at new ways to enhance our coverage, source new information and increase the universe of companies. At Bureau van Dijk, we source content ourselves and also from other regulatory sources. Our clients benefit from the information which is gathered through standardising financials and ratios, linking data sources, creating unique identifiers, linking directors and contacts, adding bespoke research, appending and linking corporate structures, integrating information on M&A deals and rumours, applying data verification, and cleansing and quality control.

From this, a range of comprehensive range is created. Bureau van Dijk’s global information is standardised for international company searching and comparisons. Our products are available across a range of interfaces and solutions, that can be blended with the client’s own data and integrated into their workflow.

Bureau van Dijk software is vital to helping users create sophisticated searches and comparisons. All of our software is proprietary and created by our team of developers. They work to specifications designed by our analysts, who are experts in their fields and have an in-depth knowledge of data content and user-requirements. The result of this is that Bureau van Dijk offer robust products, all of which demonstrate a thorough and practical understanding of information.

We offer a number of options to help our clients integrate their systems and data with our products, and customise how they are used. These range from simple add-ins to help with customised analysis, to accessing our web services architecture for customisation. Bureau van Dijk offer advice and support at all stages and can help with all kinds of data management projects.

Bureau van Dijk’s catalysts speed up the use of our products for specific applications. They are designed to address companies’ business challenges and help them get the right data for projects, in the correct format. Customised solutions are also available and are handled by a team of dedicated experts.

Customers of Bureau van Dijk use our products in a variety of ways to help them complete their many business challenges. Our information is used across a wide range of business challenges including the following:

• Compliance, due diligence and client onboarding – delivering quicker insight on customers and their business partners;
• Sales and marketing – generating more business opportunities from their customers; • Transfer pricing – for their compliance, risk management, reporting and planning;
• Academic research – intelligence on companies, their sectors and markets with advanced analysis options, for academic and student research;
• Supplier risk management and procurement – market intelligence for robust supplier screening and monitoring;
• Credit risk – comparable financial information on companies for benchmarking and credit risk management – plus information on banks for inter-bank credit risk analysis;
• Corporate finance and M&A research – encompassing a broad source of deals combined with robust company information; • Professional services including accountancy, law firms and consultants – ideal company solutions for lawyers, accountants and
• Government – the aim is to improve efficiency for research companies and their peers in detail, and also to mitigate financial and reputational risk for local and central government departments and finally;
• Data management – unique identifiers and bespoke matching/de-duping and dataenhancing services – to create links between
disparate datasets across the client’s organisation and create single views from data silos.

Simplicity is a key attribute for Bureau van Dijk. We aim to make comparisons between companies worldwide as easy as possible. To ensure the comparisons add value and make searching viable, we perform ‘treatments’.

Crucially, Bureau van Dijk created a specific standardised account format that best reflects the many accounting procedures, yet still gives our users well-populated reports. Once financials are standardised, then they can be compared and facilitate cross-border searching.

Bureau van Dijk also combine, and link company data with other information to give our clients the optimum research tool. We aim to find the right balance between giving companies an intelligent tool that can accommodate different data regulations, whilst not over complicating the user experience. We also stay ahead of developments (political, economical and legal) that could affect our content.
Our range of sources has massively increased and are no longer just about regional data providers.

We have our own bespoke datasets, including M&A data, corporate ownership links and contextual information about what companies do and their position in the market. In addition, some of our providers specialise in a specific type of information, rather than just a country.

With such a vast amount of data, Bureau van Dijk undoubtedly acts as an important source of information for companies all around the world. There is no doubt that banks, insurance companies, financial and consulting organisations, governments and research institutes all benefit from the service that Bureau van Dijk provides.

Company: Bureau van Dijk
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global marketing director
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