Ambulant Health Care Services

GlobalCare Clinical Trials, Ltd is the leading global provider of ambulant health care services for clinical trials. They provide innovative, patient-centric services for biopharmaceutical and medical device companies by conducting selected study visits at locations convenient and comfortable for the patient (e.g., their home, workplace) when travel to the investigator site is not practical.

The firm’s CEO Gail Adinamis is thrilled to have grown this organization from its inception in 2010 to now a global provider in over 45 countries. She is focused on continuing to advance the company’s mission to help advance life-enhancing products to the market by providing high quality, compassionate services and high customer satisfaction.

“This is a great honour and I am quite humbled to have been selected. It is very rewarding to be recognized for my vision and accomplishments over the years” explains the firm’s Gail Adinamis when asked how it feels to have won the CEO of the Year,
the USA award.

“GlobalCare has grown over 50% this past year, much of this is due to repeat client business. We are proud to have been selected as the preferred or exclusive provider for a number of sponsors. We are also excited to have been awarded the Best Ambulant Care Provider for Clinical Trials as well as the International Niche Solutions Provider of the Year in 2015. I have also been named International Game Changer of the Year” she adds.

When asked to explain her career and how she reached her current position as CEO she says she was an accidental entrepreneur and started her career in clinical trials at a big pharmaceutical company. “I was always looking for process  improvements to routine logistics and was able to implement many new innovation logistics. I subsequently looked at improving not only the company’s processes, but the clinical trial process in general” she reveals.

However, Drug development is a long and expensive process taking 10-15 years and over $1 billion to get a new product to market she goes on to say, but in 1992, she was offered an opportunity to create a more patient-centric clinical trial model. “I established and ran a division for a national home infusion company focused on conducting clinical study visits at the patient’s home rather than the
traditional model of patient’s having to travel to the investigational site. From there, I established and headed 2 other wholly owned ubsidiaries for clinical trial services at national home infusion companies” she elaborates.

Continuing the story, in 2004 Adinamis decided to create her own company as it would provide even more flexibility in providing national services for study patients. She continued to push this innovative service model outside the US borders, even into countries ot familiar with home healthcare services. Today, she continues to lead GlobalCare as CEO and has their vision set on continuing to expand their footprint. “I was founder and CEO of GlobalCare since its inception in 2010. I am excited to continue to lead the company with great employees who share the values I established and work towards providing our highest quality and customer service each day” she adds.

In terms of client feedback, “our clients have praised us for our flexibility and team work” Adinamis reveals. Developing this point, she says, “We like to feel like we are a true partner and offer solutions even outside our core business to ensure success of the team and the projects. We have even been quested to rescue studies for clients who were using our competitors. We were glad to successfully provide the services they needed and expected.”

As CEO, the firm’s focus is “ultimately about providing the best patient care” Adinamis continues “With a rapidly growing company, there are challenges to ensure the right and timely hires and to always ensure compliance with our operating procedures. There are peaks and valleys in the work flow – mostly peaks. So it is important to keep the team motivated and focused to provide high quality services on time” she adds.

In closing, the major challenge for GlobalCare Clinical Trials, Ltd in 2016 will be “to keep pace with the rapid influx of new business pportunities and to maintain our high quality of standard.” In addition, staff are key to the success and growth of the company, “so aking the right (or a wrong) hire is critical. I look for not only the credentials of an individual on paper, but the soft skills they possess. You can train an individual on company procedures or study specifics, but you can’t train a person how to be positive and compassionate” Adinamis concludes.