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Article Image - Most Innovative Medical Device Manufacturer 2024 – Southern California, MedTech CEO of the Year 2024 (California): Perry Brunette
Posted 28th May 2024

Most Innovative Medical Device Manufacturer 2024 – Southern California, MedTech CEO of the Year 2024 (California): Perry Brunette

In the healthcare sector, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to prove itself a true gamechanger, whether used to organise patient data or in the form of robots to assist in surgery

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Most Innovative Medical Device Manufacturer 2024 – Southern California, MedTech CEO of the Year 2024 (California): Perry Brunette
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In the healthcare sector, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to prove itself a true gamechanger, whether used to organise patient data or in the form of robots to assist in surgery. PathFree Technologies Corporation (PathFree) is an American manufacturing company leveraging the power of AI to improve healthcare, particularly that required in critical situations. We learn more about this company and its CEO and Co-Founder, Perry Brunette in light of a double win in the Business Excellence Awards 2024.

Having established PathFree Technologies Corporation alongside Dr. Kongyuan, a renowned Chinese anaesthesiologist with multiple patents, Perry Brunette started out at the company as CFO in March 2021. Just three months later, Perry had moved into the role of CEO, a transition that reflects his exceptional expertise and commitment to his work. One of the visionaries behind the company, he leverages his background in finance, information technology, and AI to align with technological advancements and remain poised for growth within the industry.

Prior to PathFree, Perry acquired extensive experience in raising capital for multiple private entities, and he qualified from the MBTI Business Training Institute with an associate degree in business, office automation, technology, and data entry. He also served his country in the US Navy. Dedication has been a true running theme throughout Perry’s career, with him always demonstrating perseverance and, in combination with his belief in God, he feels that this is what has led him towards success and the fruitful professional and personal relationships he holds dear today. Even outside of work, he is very much involved with the Pitchbook venture capital and private equity database, as well as takes part in community service.

At PathFree, Perry is joined by an outstanding team of engineers and researchers who, with creative thinking and precision, translate ideas into reality and push the boundaries of AI in healthcare. The engineers work closely with medical professionals to ensure the devices are not only cutting-edge but also practical and intuitive for doctors and nurses in high-pressure situations.

Then, there are the data scientists, the guardians of PathFree’s machine learning algorithms who are constantly analysing and refining its core product, AiMediaQ AiCart, the prototype of which was unveiled in 2023 and FDA clearance is in progress. Designed to assist medical response teams (paramedics, hospitals, fire departments, and other first responders) during emergencies, specifically cardiac arrests, this innovative technology uses AI to provide guidance through resuscitation procedures, potentially reducing human error and fatalities, and improving patient outcomes.

Acting as a decision support tool, AiCart provides medical professionals with the information and protocols needed in order to deliver the best possible care when emergencies occur. To make this happen, it collects data from various sources during a resuscitation attempt, including patient vitals, medication administration, and CPR effectiveness. Machine learning algorithms then have the capability to analyse this data and identify any patterns and trends.

Over time, the machine learning models can become capable of associating specific patient data with optimal resuscitation protocols. This means AiCart will be able to recommend the most effective course of action for each unique patient situation. Machine learning is known for its ability to adapt and improve with new data, so this means that as AiCart encounters more and more real-world scenarios, its algorithms will be continuously learning and sharpening its recommendations to enable even better patient outcomes. Machine learning is capable of predictive analytics, too; by analysing historical data and real-time patient information, AiCart can predict potential complications during CPR, allowing medical personnel to take preventative measures.

Through its AI-powered medical devices, PathFree is aiming to revolutionise life-saving care and empower medical teams during urgent situations. At the foundation of this are five core values of ‘Patient-First Innovation’, ‘Continuous Progress’, ‘Collaborative Impact’, ‘Efficient Compassion’, and ‘Fostering Brilliance’.

Patient-First Innovation – Focused on developing healthcare solutions that prioritise patient needs, the team’s goal is to improve health outcomes and to provide patients with the information they need in order to make informed decisions about their care.

Continuous Progress – The team remain dedicated to pushing the limits of medical technology, always searching for new ways to advance and redefine what’s possible and aiming for constant advancement.

Collaborative Impact – PathFree believes that by combining AI expertise with the insights of medical professionals, this can lead to extraordinary breakthroughs. Collaboration is the key to transforming healthcare and creating the best possible outcome for patients.

Efficient Compassion – The aim is to make healthcare processes more efficient – without losing sight of empathy. Every interaction is approached with care and understanding, ensuring that each patient feels supported and cared for.

Fostering Brilliance – PathFree continues to foster an environment that attracts and supports the brightest minds in solving healthcare’s biggest challenges. It values dynamic thinking and inclusivity, while encouraging the team to drive meaningful change.

Ultimately, the PathFree team’s commitment lies in taking healthcare to a whole new level through innovation, collaboration, and empathy. Devoted to making a difference in the lives of patients and healthcare professionals alike, its staff are the beating heart of that very mission.

As such, the company’s internal culture is a dynamic, inspiring, celebratory, diverse, and intellectually curious one. It trusts its team to take ownership of their projects and make independent decisions, while also encouraging open communication where everyone feels comfortable to share their ideas and voice any concerns. It believes that diverse backgrounds and perspectives lead to better solutions, too, therefore, it actively nurtures an inclusive space where everybody feels valued and respected. Its team members are supported to break the glass ceiling, while also learning from each other, and therefore developing these life-saving technologies that make PathFree the leader it is in the medical device industry.

When it comes to adding new members to the team, the company seeks individuals who are driven by the desire to make a real difference in people’s lives through medical innovation. They must also value teamwork, thrive in a collaborative environment, and foster open communication and knowledge sharing. Additionally, they must be a lifelong learner: with the field of AI constantly evolving, each team member must value a growth mindset as well as possess a hunger for continuous learning in order to stay ahead of the curve.

“At the heart of PathFree’s recent success is the AiCart, a proof-of-concept prototype that epitomises the company’s commitment to innovation and technological excellence. This flagship device, along with the anticipation of three additional groundbreaking medical devices within the year, has played a pivotal role in propelling PathFree’s valuation from a commendable $112,000,000 to an astonishing $1,050,051,741 in just seven months. This valuation leap underscores the potential of PathFree’s technology to transform emergency medical care, earning the trust and interest of investors and strategic partners alike.”

Therefore, they must be willing to tackle any obstacle that comes their way. Constantly innovating within the ever-shifting field of medical AI, this means that, as successful as the team are, it’s not to say that their work doesn’t come without its hurdles. They see challenges as exciting, always eager to face them head on and find new ways to solve the problem. Current challenges that the team are enjoying getting their teeth stuck into include data privacy and security; AI bias and explainability; integrating the technology with client medical systems; and the regulatory landscape.

In terms of data privacy and security, medical data is very sensitive, thus it is highly important to ensure compliance with patient privacy when collecting and utilising data for machine learning. PathFree works hard to prioritise cybersecurity measures and adheres strictly to HIPAA regulations.

Then, there is AI bias and explainability, where machine learning can inherit biases from the data they train on. PathFree actively mitigates bias through diverse data sets and explainable AI techniques to ensure its recommendations are fair and transparent to medical professionals who are utilising the technology.

It is also a task to integrate PathFree’s technology seamlessly with clients’ existing medical systems, with existing hospital workflows and electronic medical records (EMR) being essential for adoption. PathFree is sure to collaborate with healthcare providers to execute a smooth integration process every time.

Alongside this, the regulatory landscape for AI-powered medical professionals is ever-changing, therefore, PathFree’s team remain up to date on regulations and ensure the product meets all relevant standards.

Indeed, the team are always looking for ways to keep breaking down the barriers, and they are looking to further enhance AiCart’s capabilities by implementing advanced AI techniques such as deep learning, potentially including features such as real-time patient monitoring and predictive analytics. This is accompanied by continuously reviewing ways to make the device interoperable with various devices, enabling a more connected healthcare ecosystem.

The team keep a focus on user experience (UX), too, understanding the importance of user-friendly interfaces for easy use during high-pressure situations. They are constantly refining AiCart’s user interface (UI), considering user feedback and advancements in human-computer interaction (UCI) research. PathFree is also always on the lookout for new partnerships with research institutions, medical device manufacturers, and leading healthcare providers in order to accelerate innovation.

By proactively addressing the challenges that come their way and staying ahead of trends, PathFree is well-positioned to continue developing pioneering AI-powered medical devices that open new doors for medical professionals to save lives.

In 2023, significant developments from PathFree included, of course, the unveiling of AiCart and its FDA clearance progress, but also the company strategically expanding its product line with the announcement of the AI-powered AiMediQ AiMini and MobileER devices. This shows its commitment to addressing various needs in emergency medical care, with these advancements solidifying the company’s position in the industry as a market leader in AI-driven healthcare solutions.

The AiMediQ AiMini is a compact, on-the-go solution which provides swift, effective response during medical emergencies at crowded events. This device supports the delivery of life-saving care when needed at concerts, sporting events, and other large gatherings, and it also creates peace of mind for millions of people attending these events around the world.

Meanwhile, MobileER aims to fill a critical gap during mass casualty events, such as natural disasters and terrorist attacks. Engineered with advanced features, MobileER is tailored for use by civilians in emergency scenarios. This instantaneous, high-quality solution has the potential to save lives and improve emergency response by allowing non-medical professionals to deliver ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) care, meaning the ability to cover a large number of patients simultaneously.

And it doesn’t stop there, for the PathFree team are now buzzing with anticipation with their sights set on 2024 and beyond, with plans ranging from clinical trials and refinement of AiCart to gather real-world data and perfect its capabilities, to commercialisation and market entry by obtaining FDA clearance, to continued innovation. The team is eager to see AiCart make a positive impact in hospitals and emergency response settings, and they are also looking towards further pushing the boundaries of AI in healthcare.

The next step will be for the company to expand its global reach by distributing its products to Asia Pacific, India, Australia, and other regions. The team are also exploring new applications for AI, with this having the potential to include tools for remote patient monitoring and chronic disease management. PathFree is confident that 2025 will be a pivotal year as it transforms the future of emergency medical care with the power of AI.

For business enquiries contact Perry M. Brunette from PathFree Technologies Corporation via email: perry@pathfree.com or on the website www.pathfree.com

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