MST Holding manages IT resources and ensures the proper functioning of all IT systems and tools, as well as the telecommunications services necessary for any company. In addition, they have a contact centre with several offices and many clients.

Carlos Martín begins by explaining just how it feels to have achieved the CTO of the Year – Spain award and gives an insight into his work as a CTO and what this involves, including for example any successes, methods and achievements.

“It feels great. It means a lot when people recognise your work and the constant dedication, and it’s a great stimulus to keep working and improving to be ready for the challenges yet to come. It shows that we are in the right path and that we must keep pushing to remain at the forefront to consolidate the methods and protocols and be ready for any new challenges.

“Our goal is the modernisation of the entire computer and communications system, even the email management. In addition, we are trying to be on the top of the customer service systems. Ensuring that the security of our network, regarding vulnerabilities from abroad, and the processing of data with confidentiality and security, is also very important for us.”

Staying on the subject of a CTO’s role, Carlos offers his thoughts in what are the main attributes for anybody else who may have the same job role as he does.

“The main attributes of any CTO concern mainly, the technical direction of the company, which is aligned with the business objectives of the same. For this – it is necessary for the CTO to have a direct relationship with the CEO – and to have a clear vision of the business and the direction in which it is going.

“The CTO must be capable of adapting and implementing the optimal technologic solutions to cover and a more difficult aspect is to anticipate the needs of the services and all the company departments.
“And finally, it must know how to involve and motivate the team, to achieve the objectives both individually and collectively.”
Carlos goes on to tell us his most significant achievement from the past calendar year as a CTO and exactly what the best thing about being in such a position is for him personally.

“My most significant achievement from the past calendar year, is the fact that I stabilised the IT department and reduced incidences of the previous year by more than the 50%.

“The best thing about being a CTO, for me, is to be permanently in contact with the world of ‘new’ technologies and to have the chance to integrate some of them in the business processes of our company.”
In his capacity as a CTO, Carlos is keen to share his hopes and plans for company’s future plus his closing thoughts, including what MST Holding have planned for the coming months.

“The continuous improvement of technological tools and the creation of new utilities to increase the quality of our offering, turning technology as one of the added values of the services we provide.
“Over the coming months, the company plans to incorporate all those technologies that can bring value to our business processes and thus enrich the portfolio of services.

“In closing, I want to say that I am thankful for having the opportunity to have this CTO job, which of course contains many challenges which drive me every day in the search to improve my work and of course to help the company to achieve its goals.”