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Non-Profit Organisation Awards

Acquisition International’s Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2024 has returned for a fourth year, singing the praises of all actors in the Non-Profit sector who dedicate their lives to benefiting the lives of others! The Non-Profit sector is an essential element of society’s advancement and preservation. Without charities, associations and trusts, commerce would be prioritised over communities and vulnerable individuals. With over 10 million non-profit organisations in operation globally, the sector is undeniably strong. This strength is a testament to the value humanity holds in assistance and benevolence. From community and family services to international aid and financial support, there are so many avenues through which the selfless acts of NPOs can manifest. The Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2024 is open to nominations for any entity acting in any area of the Non-Profit sector. Acquisition International is committed to acting as a platform for the deserved recognition of these organisations whose compassion and generosity make a big difference. NPOs likely to qualify for an award on this programme will demonstrate an evident and significant positive impact in the field of their chosen cause. Regardless of whether your organisation serves a small community or an international base of beneficiaries, your positive impact is worthy of consideration for the Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2024. Our Research and Judging team will work tirelessly to determine which of our nominees will become esteemed winners of the Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2024. As is true with all our awards programs, the Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2024 is merit-based and will not be determined by the size of your organisation or number of votes received. Meeting our judging panel’s winning criteria means that you will be presented with an unmissable opportunity to promote your achievements by taking advantage of Acquisition International’s global circulation of 85,000 professionals and high-net-worth individuals. In addition to benefitting from the reputation boost provided by our free-of-charge accolades, you will have access to a selection of optional promotional resources to maximise the benefits of your recognition. These accolades serve to inform your staff and any potential benefactors of your position as a leading champion of philanthropy! If you believe that your organisation or an organisation you know of is worthy of recognition, please do not hesitate to submit a nomination using the provided voting form on this page. If you would like any further information regarding the Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2024, you can contact us at nominations@ai-publishing.com.

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