Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 • Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 Best Older Adult Philanthropic Support Organization 2022 In terms of funding and government support, the elderly population often fly under the radar. However, the John Knox Village of Florida is on a mission to change this for good – indeed, it hopes to provide retirees with a happy and healthy life post-retirement. As such, 16 years ago, the John Knox Village of Florida Foundation, an organization that acquires funding and donations for the village and its mission, was established.

2 Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 About the Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 Acquisition International is proud to announce the return of the Non-Profit Organisation Awards for the second year running. Non-profit organisations (NPOs) often go unrecognised, despite the fact they play a monumental role in solving some of our biggest global challenges. According to the World Bank, if NPOs were a country, they would rank 16th largest in the world as measured by GDP. NPOs cut across all sections of society and have an enormous impact on economic and social issues. Sif Brookes - Senior Editor Contents 4 John Knox Village of Florida Foundation Inc: Best Older Adult Philanthropic Support Organization 2022 8 PUFFIN FOUNDATION WEST, LTD: Most Dedicated Cultural NPO Funding Organization - USA 12 Blissfulsage Foundation: Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice: Best Health & Social Care NPO 2022 - Belize 13 Helios Groups: Best Global Wealth Management Investment Firm 2021 14 Better Life Program for the African Rural Woman: Most Empowering Women’s Education NPO - Nigeria 16 Reaching Out About Depression and Suicide Inc: Regional Mental Health Initiative of the Year - Northeast USA 17 Joan Hornig Jewelry LLC: Social Enterprise Innovator of the Year 2022 No information contained on or in this website constitutes investment advice or an offer to invest or to provide management services and is subject to correction, completion and amendment without notice. Neither AI nor any of its associated entities are authorised to give financial advice of any nature nor are they regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Prior to making any investment, AI recommends that any prospective investor should consult with its own investment, accounting, legal and tax advisers to evaluate independently the risks, consequences and suitability of that investment. AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer Rebecca Scotland, Writer Amelia Walker, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer 18 Childhood Cancer Family Fund: Most Dedicated Paediatric Cancer Patient Support Provider - Southeast USA 19 Our AIM Foundation: Most Empowering Remote Community Support Organization 2022 - East AfricaEurope 20 Elev8 Baltimore Inc: Most Outstanding Youth Development & Education Support Organization - Maryland 21 Blair Center for the Arts: Most Empowering Rural Arts & Entertainment Organization - Midwest USA 22 Brilliant Detroit: Most Dedicated Family- Focused Education Support Organization - Michigan 23 The Bushfire Foundation Inc: Most Dedicated Bush Fire Disaster Relief Organisation 2022 & Excellence Award for Public Safety & Security 2022

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4 Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 Apr22443 Best Older Adult Philanthropic Support Organization 2022 In terms of funding and government support, the elderly population often fly under the radar. However, the John Knox Village of Florida is on a mission to change this for good – indeed, it hopes to provide retirees with a happy and healthy life post-retirement. As such, 16 years ago, the John Knox Village of Florida Foundation, an organization that acquires funding and donations for the village and its mission, was established. veryone gets older – it’s inevitable. Therefore, it’s never too early to consider what your retirement plans are, for example, do you plan to stay at home or move into a retirement home or life plan community? Both options offer numerous benefits; however, taking up residence in a life plan community can open you up to a whole host of new experiences. Indeed, John Knox Village of Florida offers just this – a resort to retreat to for you to age gracefully. There are a range of residential options available, including comfortable apartments and luxurious bungalows, each coming equipped with security options that always ensure safety. Moreover, for over 50 years John Knox Village of Florida has been providing a vibrant community, complete with leading-edge amenities for the aging population, encapsulating what can only be described as a ‘relaxed, upscale South Florida beach vibe.’ Serving as a premium retirement village, John Knox Village of Florida is the place ‘where possibility plays.’ In essence, it prioritises health and wellbeing, ensuring that you get the most out of your years of freedom. Henceforth, everyday its residents get to wake up in a maintenance-free abode, from where they can partake in ‘healthy endeavours, socializing, creative and intellectual pursuits, sunny adventures, or simply relaxing.’ From yoga classes to art classes, and massages to libraries, there is so much to do and see both on and off-site. Additionally, in the event of an emergency, there is a full-scale emergency response team on standby. Each residence is fitted with emergency alert cords, daily check-in systems, and smoke detectors, and is further protected by 24/7 security. Not only is the gated community equipped to cope with small-scale emergencies, but it is also able to handle natural disasters – the village’s emergency response team, trained and maintained by John Knox Village, guarantees that no resident will ever face another hurricane or other potential disaster alone. ‘As I mentioned in the survey previously, making the decision to move to JKV was one of the best decisions I ever made. My experiences E Mark Dobosz – Executive Director

Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 5 Best Older Adult Philanthropic Support Organization 2022 Kit Frazer, JKVF Board President and Gerry Stryker, JKV CEO with $1.1 million donation from JKV Foundation

6 Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 here continue to help me grow emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. And I feel protected and cared for! As well, walking through the botanical gardens continually enrich my life,’ writes one resident in a five-star Google Review. If this is something that appeals to you, then perhaps you will be interested in the John Knox Village of Florida Foundation. Established in 2006, the non-profit was created to enhance the health, wellbeing, and lifestyle of the village’s residents. In essence, it has been designed to make a difference. The foundation is fulfilling this goal via a plethora of means, with a primary focus upon funding and supporting programs, services, and spaces that impact eight areas of wellness – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, philanthropy and occupational. The foundation is wholly committed to the individual care of its residents. This is, of course, a non-negotiable aspect of its work. Consequently, it is this devotion that guides the John Knox Village of Florida Foundation to share the knowledge it has acquired through working with this population to collaboratively, with John Knox Village, lead to change the narrative on ageism. As of now, it is targeting the local area, but the John Knox Village of Florida Foundation hopes to push this mission to a national and potentially international level. Furthermore, its core values act as a basis upon which it strives to attract philanthropists whose interests and passions centre on the eight areas of wellness and the needs of the aging population. How exactly does the foundation operate? It’s simple – the John Knox Village of Florida Foundation relies upon philanthropic donations. There are a variety of donation methods available, ranging from one-time and recurring donations to charitable gift annuities. Legacy gifts are a core method philanthropists opt for when donating to the foundation – for example, one may choose to provide a gift to the foundation via their estate in the form of a bequest. However, there are options available for smaller donations. Cash check and appreciated securities donations are accepted, as are payments made via its website. You can trust the John Knox Village of Florida Foundation with your donations. According to Charity Navigator, the company boasts a score of 100/100 for finance and accountability. The foundation prides itself upon being entirely transparent with its donors – it is abundantly clear where your donations are going, what they are contributing to, and how they are benefitting the village’s residents. One key example being the new John Knox Village Pavilion. Supported by The Village Art Circle, the new pavilion will serve as a venue for the arts in all its forms, including architecture, ceramics, fashion, storytelling, and much more. Additionally, it offers the opportunity for the village to create a group of likeminded individuals whose collective support will allow John Knox Village of Florida to provide premium programming both on and off-campus for its residents in partnership with the greater community. Supporters of this project receive a plethora of benefits depending upon which tier their donations fall within. For example, the ARTSage Single-Year Performing Arts Series – $30,000 gift allows the company to host a sponsored event per quarter. Whereas the ARTSage Single Performing Arts Event – $10,000 sponsors one event a year. For the average person, however, there are annual memberships for the Village Arts Circle, beginning at $100 for a John Knox Village of Florida resident. Members receive advance notice of events, discounted ticket prices, recognition at events, and much more. For the John Knox Village of Florida Foundation this can be a challenging charitable sector in which to attract support. A spokesperson for the foundation comments, ‘funding aging services can be a challenging opportunity for organizations and communities that either serve this population in structured facilities or in the general communities across our globe. The aging population is assumed to have accomplished it all and are all set in their life’s journey having all their needs met because of their preparation.’ It is safe to say that this is not always the case – they go on to cite isolation, diminishing or fixed financial resources, food insecurity, and greater health needs as a selection of challenges that an aging generation faces. The clear solution for these issues is a government and non-profit shift towards prioritizing this area of the population. On top of this, the world has undergone a turbulent few years thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. For just over two years, human interaction has been limited, forced to adapt to a climate of isolation to protect others. Whilst this approach has been greatly beneficial, it has also paired itself with many challenges. The John Knox Village of Florida Foundation notes that the lack of face-to-face contact had a monumental impact on its community. Technology became more prevalent within the organization, both within the day-to-day running of the foundation and within its fundraising efforts. Yet this transformation meant that the John Knox Village of Florida Foundation had to educate a generation of individuals, through new mediums, who were not as familiar with technology. Bailey Moroney – Foundation Coordinator

Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 7 Best Older Adult Philanthropic Support Organization 2022 Two years later, the foundation has successfully combatted the issues created by the pandemic. It has made significant progress and now conducts many of its philanthropic communications via e-mail and Zoom meetings. In fact, the foundation found that, ‘communicating tips on vehicles like Qualified Charitable Donations (QCD’s) through email increased the number year over year because our residents had become very accustomed to receiving important information electronically more often than pre-COVID.’ The industry is currently undergoing a period of recovery – of rejuvenation. According to Statista, in 2019 16.5% of the U.S. population consisted of people aged over 65 years old – many of these people rely upon additional care. This figure is expected to rise to 22% by 2050. Figures also show that in 2020, approximately one third of women aged 65 and older in the U.S. lived alone. In comparison, 20 percent of elderly men lived by themselves. Places such as the John Knox Village of Florida have the potential to greatly benefit these people – instead of being isolated in their homes, such resorts supply a thriving community that is able to provide 24/7 care. It is a place where the worry surrounding elderly life melts away, as everything is taken care of. The future of this industry, however, could be threatened by the rapidly aging population and the falling birth-rate. In 2019, the not-for-profit senior living organization National Senior Campuses reported over nearly 21,000 senior living units across the United States, and this number is only expected to increase as the demand grows. Coinciding with this is the fact that among the population of older adults in the United States, almost seven percent require personal care, often in the form of meal preparation, transportation, and personal grooming. Finding high quality care is expected to grow more difficult as the number of people entering this industry spirals into a decline. Many senior living facilities are planning ahead in order to tackle this upcoming challenge. Within this group is, of course, the John Knox Village of Florida and its foundation. Its devotion to ensuring that longterm funding is secured has placed the village upon a stable path – one which benefits not only its residents, but also its team. As their needs are met, they are better equipped to provide the residents with above adequate care. They are able to create events, supply classes, and offer medical assistance thanks to the funding and donations acquired by the John Knox Village of Florida Foundation. Consequently, 2022 is set to be a year of great success for the foundation. Recently, the foundation is discussing developing a multimillion-dollar unrestricted restricted endowment to complement its $7.0 million restricted endowment which has enabled it to fund its Residents Assistance Program – a fund that assures financial support to any resident that outlives their financial resources through no fault of their own. Subsequently, this means that no resident will be forced to leave the community if they cannot pay due to circumstances beyond their control. They do not have to worry about their future at the facility. Further, the planned unrestricted endowment will ensure that future unanticipated funding for programs, services, and spaces for its residents is available. Contact: Mark Dobosz – or +1 954-784-4757 Company: John Knox Village of Florida Foundation Inc Web Address: JKV Residents at Foundation Ice Cream Social

8 Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 Apr22539 Most Dedicated Cultural NPO Funding Organization - USA he world – especially in recent years – has become an increasingly difficult place to live in. Tactics employed by the divisive media, politics, and financial status have caused a rupture in society, leading to intolerance, hate, and anxiety rearing their heads. However, the world isn’t all like this. Indeed, beneath the vitriol spewed on social media, the fake news, and instability, there is hope. There are people across the globe who are pushing for the betterment of society, who hope to reintroduce community, care, and positivity back into towns and cities. Non-profit organisations are a primary example of this force for good. Be it advocating for the environment, animals, or the vulnerable, nonprofits are centred around improving life and society for no monetary or superficial gain. According to Finances Online, there are nearly two million non-profit organisations and 501(c)(3) charities in the United States, and over 180,000 charities in the United Kingdom. Projects developed by these organisations are typically funded by public donations; however, they can also be supported by non-profit funding organisations. Each year, Puffin Foundation West, LTD, a conduit foundation, supplies grants to a range of non-profit applicants. Opening its doors more than a decade ago, the organisation has aided thousands of non-profit organisations in making an impact in driving society towards an enlightened and more peaceful place to live and grow. In essence, Puffin Foundation West embodies hope. Through its work, it is trying to lift people from despair, hunger, fear, homelessness, violence, loneliness, and evils like bullying, ageism, racism, and the many issues that are epidemic in the USA. Specialising in the arts, Puffin West Foundation focuses primarily upon non-profits that spawn a discussion. Moreover, the organisation opts to deliver grassroots grant awards to non-profits whose purpose is to reach across biases and create dialogues that are peaceably transforming, educational, and forward-thinking. It believes that the arts are a universal language through which change can be implemented, biases can be challenged, and repressed narratives can be heard without interruption. As such, through focusing on this T area, Puffin West Foundation is aiding the most marginalised groups in society – allowing them to establish or amplify their own voice. The stories of those who have faced discrimination, violence, and repression deserve to be told. This is, essentially, what Puffin West Foundation’s mission encompasses. It actively works against the ideas formed by social media, the news, and biases, to rebuild or create new connections between communities. Java Kitrick, the organisation’s director, describes this connection as ‘rainbow-colored fabrics that [bind] us all together.’ Such ideas, over the years, have torn these fabrics apart. Consequently, Puffin West Foundation serves as an egalitarian organisation, believing that in order to move forward, it is imperative for history, culture, and traditions to be shared peacefully, with respect, and without judgement. In turn, it cannot be an organisation that supports handgun violence, rioting, terrorism, destruction of private property, and gross intolerance. These elements fundamentally go against everything that the company stands for – Puffin Foundation West firmly believes that each upcoming generation should harbour an understanding that oppressing people – no matter their race, gender, or age – is inherently wrong. This belief is abundantly clear throughout the organisation’s work. Puffin Foundation West has worked with a diverse group of non-profits over the years, ranging from performance companies to state parks. These organisations have found Puffin Foundation West on their own accord, as Puffin Foundation West does not advertise its services. Clients are attracted to the non-profit because of its devotion to its morals – Puffin Foundation West will not deviate from its ethos for anyone, no matter how prestigious the enquirer may be. Therefore, this plays a key role in the organisation’s selective awards process. When Puffin Foundation West receives an application, it pictures the people that the grant will serve and how its grassroots granting can help. Every application is thoroughly analysed – with both the pros and the cons coming into consideration – prior to their acceptance. Be it The arts are a powerful way to send a message – music, literature, theatre, fine-art, and more, are consumed by people daily. Puffin Foundation West is a non-profit funding organisation that supports cultural and artistic projects, such as prison choirs, dance performances, and the provision of instruments to school children. In operation since 2010, Puffin Foundation West has contributed in abundance to the betterment of society – and it only plans to continue.

Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 9 Most Dedicated Cultural NPO Funding Organization - USA

10 Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 a typed document, or a handwritten note in crayon, Puffin Foundation West takes each application seriously. As Java Kitrick states, ‘we are NOT the National Endowment for the ARTS.’ Everyone’s goals, dreams, and ambitions are taken seriously – ‘We have railroaded over the cliff as a people, as people forgot that we all once had a DREAM.’ As a result, Puffin Foundation West’s portfolio is highly diverse, and filled with important organisations. One leading example is that of Photo Voice, a non-profit organisation that originates in the United Kingdom, which gives cameras to particular groups to record their stories. Puffin Foundation West provided the organisation with a grant that enabled the provision of cameras to a number of trafficked young women, which resulted in the women documenting their lives over the course of a few weeks, many of these photos-with permission-were exhibited in a gallery. A young girl, aged only 14, was sat on the steps to her house when she witnessed a fatal drive-by shooting. Her school came together and decided to clean up the area, removing litter, and making the street habitable for its residents. In the grand scheme of things, this was a small action; however, it had a notable, positive impact on the street’s residents. Puffin Foundation West was contacted by the local neighbourhood centre who asked for a grant to hire a sculptor. The artist created a wire-mesh, life-sized sculpture of a native, wild buffalo, within which, the garbage collected was placed. This sculpture is one of three in the city that Puffin Foundation West has funded. In addition, Puffin Foundation West has had a great amount of experience contributing to prison-oriented projects. It is undisputed that the United States’ legal system is flawed – according to the Prison Policy Initiative, the US has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. This is further supported by Statista’s research that shows that as of May 2021, the United States had the highest prisoner rate, with 639 prisoners per 100,000 of the national population. In 2020, 2.12 million people were held in American prisons – in comparison, China’s prison population reached an estimated 1.71 million people that year. A significant project that Puffin Foundation West funded was centred around former inmates that faced homelessness. The ex-inmates were brought together via a theatre organisation that allowed each man to tell their stories within the framework of a play – not only is this cathartic, but it also provides them with support that they may not have elsewhere. They build skills creating set pieces, lighting, sound, and costumes, and are provided with the opportunity to take part in a performance for a paying audience. Furthermore, Puffin Foundation West has funded a similar organisation that goes into prisons and establishes choirs. This project was exceptionally beneficial, as music is known to have a great effect on the psyche and is often used as a from of therapy. Cleveland Clinic confirms that music therapy displays a positive impact psychologically, emotionally, physically, spiritually, cognitively, and socially. It has been shown to improve memory, lower blood pressure, enhance self-regulation, and much more. Additionally, Puffin Foundation West has worked on a project that focuses on dance – the inmates are encouraged to express their emotions through movement, but they are not allowed to touch. Puffin Foundation West’s most recent venture comes in the form of the project, which has been designed to start a virtual movement across the United States. Inspired by the AIDS Memorial Quilt, a project that began in 1985 and has culminated in a 54-ton tapestry that includes nearly 50,000 panels dedicated to more than 110,000 individuals. The project hopes to have a similar impact. ‘We want to show the world that the American flag is not just a symbol. Instead, we are a UNITED people who are loving, stalwart, caring, compassionate, empathetic, have integrity, are loving and we are kind. We have forgiveness, respect, we are thoughtful and considerate, responsible, devoted, friendly, warm, and sympathetic, concerned, reverent, faithful, and so on. We are sure you can come up your own words that demonstrate our wonderful qualities as egalitarian people through 50 million stories, be they long or short, drawn or photographed,’ writes Java Kitrick in the projects mission statement. The project hopes to cultivate a virtual highway that displays positivity, radiating the positive aspects of life across the United States. Additions must be written respectfully; however, they do not need to include names. Simply, all the writers must include is where they are from, be it north, south, east, or west, and share positive news or stories. Java finishes the mission statement by exclaiming that there is ‘strength in numbers.’

Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 11 Java Kitrick has been mentioned numerous times throughout this article, but who is the woman behind the organisation? Establishing the foundation in 2010, Java strives to integrate the arts into communities, with the overall aim to bolster the conversations surrounding social issues. She is hugely passionate about the organisations cause and has devoted herself to furthering Puffin Foundation West’s work. In 2019, Finances Online writes, nine organisations from the top nonprofits in the US reported investment incomes of more than $100 million. Yet most non-profits do not see this type of income – for example, Puffin Foundation West possesses a corpus of $5 million. Statistics published by The NonProfit Times shows that across the top 100 non-profits in the United States, public donations contributed to approximately $44.6 billion in income. Considering that there are over 1.8 million non-profit organizations in the US, this is a great amount of income for a small handful of charities. Henceforth, this emphasises the need for organisations such as Puffin Foundation West. The organisation provides non-profits that fly under the radar or receive limited public funding to fulfil their important work. Indeed, it reduces the financial burden on smaller non-profits, allowing them to freely contribute to the communities within which they operate. Puffin Foundation West’s work is vital. The importance of the organisation’s work was further emphasised by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic had an enormous impact across a multitude of industries, forcing many to temporarily – or in some cases, permanently – close their doors. The charitable sector around the globe was shaken by the turbulent period. CAF America conducted a study documenting the Covid-19 crisis’ ramifications across 544 organisations throughout 93 countries, and its findings were telling. 94.84% of the contributors stated that there was an immediate impact on their organisations when restrictions were introduced, which is backed by 96.50% of respondents agreeing that Covid-19 had negative consequences for their organisation. Financial securitywas anoverwhelming challenge for theorganisations, with 97.4% projecting a decrease in their funding between March 2020 and 2021. This was, perhaps, an inevitability considering the redistribution of government funding and the priorities of individuals changing. 41% of the respondents expected their funding to drop more than 21%, with a select few organisations forecasting alarming rates of reduced funding by as much as 50%, 70%, or even 100%. Going forward, it can be assumed that Puffin Foundation West will be devoting many of its awards to aiding non-profits out of this hole. As of 2022, however, it is only supplying grants to virtual performances or projects that do not involve the gathering of people. It believes in science, noting the fact that vaccination does not guarantee total protection, or mean that the virus cannot be spread. Puffin Foundation West will not contribute to projects that could potentially cause harm or even death. In lieu of this, its work will continue with a focus on digital projects, and Puffin Foundation West will continue to support and promote connection, kindness, and peace. Contact: Java Kitrick Company: PUFFIN FOUNDATION WEST, LTD. Web Address: Most Dedicated Cultural NPO Funding Organization - USA

12 Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 Apr22441 Best Health & Social Care NPO 2022 - Belize Blissfulsage Foundation: Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice provides quality, dignified care for terminally ill patients in Southern Belize through its hospice and family caregiver programmes. In recognition of the organisation’s awardwinning dedication to its patients and their loved ones, we take a closer look at the work it does. ne of the most common misconceptions about hospice is that it is a place where people go to die. Hospice is not a place, it is a philosophy of care, a programme offering services to terminally ill patients and their families. These hospice services focus on care, not cure, and are provided to patients in any place of residence they call home. According to The American Cancer Society, the word ‘hospice’ is rooted in the centuries-old idea of offering a place of shelter and rest, or ‘hospitality’ to weary and sick travellers who are on a long journey. It was Dame Cicely Saunders at St Christopher’s Hospice in London who first applied the term ‘hospice’ to specialised care for dying patients in 1967. The Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice was designed with the goal of supporting the establishment of a comprehensive system of care for cancer patients in Belize. Using an interdisciplinary approach, each programme is structured to the patient and their family’s individual needs, and adapted as and when needed over time. Rachael Battle founded Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice after witnessing the long, painful bus journeys her dad would take to reach treatment for his prostate cancer and then the severe discomfort when returning. Eventually, her father stayed in North Virginia to access hospice care. It was there, at Capital Hospice, that he made his dying wish: to establish hospice care in Belize, so that others would not suffer the way he did. That was when Rachael committed to fulfilling his wish by helping those with terminal illnesses to spend their last days in the comfort and security of familiar surroundings. She named the hospice in honour of her late father, Edlin Leslie Sr. Rachael says, “Here, we believe in living life to the fullest, even if your days are limited. We attend to our patients’ physical, social, and spiritual needs while helping their family members cope with their passage.” Indeed, the hospice’s team is dedicated to taking care of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual/social needs of patients while sharing coping strategies and practical tools for family members. While the major focus is a comprehensive system of care for cancer patients in Southern Belize, these services are extended to patients with life shortening illnesses too. O The hospice’s patients are taken care of by an End of Life Doulas (EOLD), a trained professional who provides non-medical, holistic support to a dying person and their loved ones. They provide companionship with a compassionate, non-judgmental approach, along with advocacy, spiritual, and emotional support as per the patient’s wants and needs. They devote time to exploring the roles, fears, questions, and concerns regarding life and death of each individual involved. And by so doing, avoid gaps in care to create a safe, collaborative, and peaceful environment. Their services may also include education and guidance from early diagnosis through to bereavement which cover the broad spectrum of end of life choices; legacy and life review work/planning; advance directives; hands-on, non-medical comfort measures and support of

Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 13 Best Health & Social Care NPO 2022 - Belize a dying loved one’s wishes; funerals and memorials; grief processing; and standardised community end of life and caregiver training. Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice also offers a grief after loss bereavement programme which provides in-person and/or virtual individualised support and education for those who have lost a loved one. The hospice recognises that there is no set formula or timeline for grieving. The mourning period can last weeks, months, or years, and Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice offers bereavement support through and after the stressful event of loss with a variety of services. This can include grief support groups, exercises to find meaning in grief, remembrance events, legacy work, and referral assistance. A wellness centre will also be available on the second floor of the hospice with the aim of supporting the mental, emotional, and spiritual/ social needs of its communities, patients, caregivers, employees, and volunteers. This facility will offer easy access; privacy; peaceful respite; onsite counselling; educational training; health promotion events; funfilled, creative activities; and self-development programmes. Individuals can drop by for a cup of tea, a friendly exchange, and take a look at opportunities to build better quality of life through selfcare, use of mind and body wellness tools, and knowledge around burnout and compassion fatigue, as well as best end of life care and grief practices. Ultimately, Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice’s philosophy is simple: its team sees patients and their loved ones as family and they are there for them in their time of need. If you are considering hospice care, please get in touch by email, call or WhatsApp. If you would like to donate to support the cause, please visit www. Company: Blissfulsage Foundation: Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice Contact: Rachael Battle (Founder and President) Email: / support@ Call/WhatsApp: 626-940-7879 Website:

14 Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 Apr22479 Most Empowering Women’s Education NPO - Nigeria ver the time it has been in operation, Better Life Program for the African Rural Woman has made itself a household name amongst African non-profit organisations. Fundamentally, since its beginnings in 1987, its decades of experience have been dedicated to empowering and uplifting women and girls in rural communities, expanding its reach so that it can aid more people as it continues to grow. With every move it makes, it makes strides towards a better informed, economically stable, politically empowered, and socially improved Africa, helping the women within this system to push for the improvement of their lives by giving them the tools with which to do so. This allows women to better aid in national development and the promotion of healthy family values, both things that will allow them to aid in the overall betterment of the continent. Nominally, it accomplishes this with the core values that have been with it since its inception in mind: sustainability, integrity, and partnership. Each of these hold up the foundation of its work and make sure each of its volunteers are on the same page, all working together to create the program’s dependable, comprehensive, and empathic operational processes, each of which keep the person at the centre. By ensuring the heart of its work remains the women it helps at every turn, its practical range of development programs and initiatives allows rural women and girls to learn the skills that will help them out of poverty, in such a way that allows the rest of the community to benefit in a ‘rising tide lifts all ships’ manner. Critically, the subsequent improvements to education, health, micro finance, and livelihood training gives them a sense of pride and dignity that they can continue to build throughout their lives. After all, it doesn’t just give them temporary aid and leave it there – this kind of short-term solution is not what many of these communities need – it gives long-term, substantial, and dependable support to the areas that need it most, giving them the skills and starting blocks to build a great career. Soaring to new heights thanks to its new office, producing new and improved roadmaps for its service users, and expanding out from its home base in Nigeria to follow the guidance of its founder – Mrs Maryam Babangida – in creating women’s development centres in Nigeria and Africa. These centres serve as points on a network for its service users, connecting the region with a support system of like-minded individuals with the drive to make things better. The team is also incredibly hands-on in supporting its service users in making the most O The creators of the Better Life Program for the African Rural Woman have made it one of the foremost organisations for the betterment of livelihoods in rural communities in the region of Nigeria. Critically, its STEM initiatives, child education programs, and business opportunity development have all given women and girls in such rural regions the tools to be able to improve their country in the macro scale, and indeed, to improve the continent at large as a result.

Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 15 of these centres; nominally, it is aware that for sustainable change to be fostered, the provision of the right kind of empowerment is crucial. In teaching its service users new skills, financial management, time management, and so much more, its project manager, field officers, and beneficiaries form a family of people who look out for everyone within the organisation, giving support and being given it in turn. It also relies on the National Youth Scheme to provide it with young graduates for community service work, bringing on board fresh volunteers with new ideas that way. Therefore, it helps young people in its operational regions by giving them experience with non-profit work and experience in receiving and giving support, educational tools, and community organisation, allowing them to build up their own skillsets by helping others with theirs. This internal culture has developed into a self-sustaining support network where the team and the service users come together to ensure the health and future of both the organisation and the regions it is active in. The whole team – from the Chairperson all the way to administrative secretaries – pitch in to get involved with activities, procurement, and mobilisation, carving new projects based on research and getting heavily involved with the furtherment of projects and programs. Over the course of the pandemic, this ethos became even tighter, with each of its volunteers, board members, stakeholders, and service users pulling together in order to change how programs were delivered so that they could continue to be of use. Additionally, with team members having to work online, it was able to create new projects and programs through this medium, something that was explored mostly due to the sudden necessity of technologically enabled working. Using this, it created new educational programs with the Government’s approval, going on from there to visit communities and deliver food, education, and business opportunities regarding the production of masks and sanitisers. With the B-Girl Green STEM initiative beginning in 2022, it hopes to continue its current focus on climate science, technologically, engineering, and maths in order to foster such interests in rural young women, resulting in further empowerment, motivation, encouragement, and creativity. This, the Impact 500 Initiative to empower female school leaders, and the B-Child initiative to provide education for children without access to free education, will allow it to continue to support women and girls throughout its region, hoping to continue to push further afield as it expands in scale. Company: Better Life Program for the African Rural Woman Contact: Solomon Okonkwo Website:

16 Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 Apr22632 Regional Mental Health Initiative of the Year - Northeast USA eaching Out About Depression and Suicide has been around since 2004, and its success is truly a result of its members’ desire to support those who have or are struggling with mental illness and/or suicide. None of the members of ROADS are paid, allowing the organisation to use 100% of donations received for the programme. Suicide continues to grow as a public health issue in Wisconsin, with the suicide rate having increased by 40% between the years 2000 and 2017. In 2020, 861 residents lost their lives to suicide. From these statistics, it’s clear to see just how vital organisations like ROADS are. ROADS wants to help those who are struggling with their mental health to find a reason to keep living. By calling its suicide prevention lifeline on 18002738255, individuals will be connected to a skilled, trained counsellor at a crisis centre in their area, any time, 24/7. Its website also provides links to a range of information pages to learn more and find other ways to get help. If you are concerned that someone may be experiencing suicidal thoughts, it is important to learn how to recognise when someone is suicidal and ways of helping to prevent them fromharming themselves. There are five things that can be done that may help protect people from suicidal thoughts and behaviour. These can include: 1. Asking them “Are you thinking about killing yourself?” This isn’t an easy question to ask, but studies show that asking at-risk individuals if they are suicidal does not increase suicides or suicidal thoughts. 2. Keep them safe by reducing their access to dangerous items or places. This may not always be easy, but asking the person if they have a plan and removing or disabling it can make a difference. 3. Be there for them. Listen carefully to their thoughts and feelings. Research suggests that acknowledging and talking about suicide may reduce suicidal thoughts rather than increase them. 4. Help them to connect to a helpline (visit R Reaching Out About Depression and Suicide Inc (ROADS) is made up of Wisconsin community members who are working to increase the recognition of issues surrounding depression and suicide while creating awareness of available resources, education, and support. ROADS is available in the Shawano County, Wisconsin area for trainings in the area of suicide prevention, covering ending the stigma around mental illness and suicide. The team at ROADS would like their awards success in this issue of Acquisition International to be in honour of those who walk the roads of mental illness and suicide, and for those who do walk those roads to know they are not alone. call_a_hotline.html for a list of helplines around the world) by saving the number into their phone in case they need it. You can also help them to make a connection with a trusted individual such as a family member, friend, or mental health professional. 5. Stay connected with them after a crisis or after being discharged from care. Studies show that the number of suicide deaths go down when someone follows up with the at-risk person. So, how do you spot when someone is struggling? There are a number of warning signs to look out for, including them talking about wanting to die or kill themselves; talking about feelings of emptiness, hopelessness, or having no reason to live; talking about feeling trapped or that there are no solutions; feeling unbearable emotional or physical pain; talking about being a burden to others; withdrawing themselves from family and friends; giving away important possessions; saying goodbye to family and friends; putting affairs in order, such as making a will; stockpiling pills or buying a gun; drinking alcohol or using drugs more often; and putting themselves in risky situations that could lead to death, such as driving extremely fast. It is important to know that suicide is not a normal response to stress. Suicidal thoughts or actions are signs of extreme distress and should not be ignored. If you find you are struggling with suicidal thoughts or know someone else who is, please get help as soon as possible. Company: Reaching Out About Depression and Suicide Inc Email: Website:

Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 17 May22124 Social Enterprise Innovator of the Year 2022 nder the Joan Hornig Jewelry LLC umbrella stands Philanthropy is Beautiful® Jewelry, along with its subsidiary Pavé The Way® Jewelry. Established over two decades ago, the social enterprise jewelry company harmoniously combines advocacy with impact, expression, and the values of customers. What sets it apart from other fine jewelry and luxury companies stems from Joan’s business model. Both Philanthropy is Beautiful® Jewelry and Pavé The Way® Jewelry donate 100% of the profit from each product sold to a charity of the customer’s choice. Henceforth, the company has had the opportunity to support Human Service, Arts, Culture, Humanities, Environment and Animals, Health, International Relief efforts and Education, and all things that benefit the public and society since its founding. Not only does the company’s business model support non-profits, but it also redefines what it means to invest in luxury items, amplifies the power of the purse, and leads to important conversations about the true extent of global needs. It is, in essence, a deeply powerful expression of the purchaser’s passions – not just a frivolous, impulse purchase. Fashion and compassion can coexist. Indeed, the jewelry sold by the brands is nothing short of luxury, boasting opulent, ethically-sourced diamonds and gemstones. For example, Philanthropy is Beautiful®’s New Yorker collection features products such as the $3,400 Beekman Earrings, the $5,000 Diamond + Onyx Piano Key Necklace, and the $2,800 Onyx Crosswalk Earrings in 18K gold. Supporting the company’s philanthropic efforts is a highly diverse team built up of craftsmen and artisans from a plethora of backgrounds and countries which is yet another way the company has always celebrated racial, cultural and religious diversity. This has been a constant since the company’s inception, complimenting its devotion to its core values – a commitment to sustainable production practices, ethical sourcing, and respect for fair wages. As the fundamental components of the Joan Horning Jewelry LLC establishment, these values inform the company’s ethos and have served as a pillar for the company’s growth. As one of the few – or perhaps the only – businesses that operates in this manner, having this framework of values is an exceptional benefit. By launching a company with such a unique mission and values, Founder Joan Hornig is a trailblazer in the industry, anticipating the surge of conscious consumerism and leveraging retail sales to fuel non-profits. This is something that could become U Utilizing a unique concept, both Philanthropy is Beautiful® Jewelry and Pavé The Way® Jewelry are brands that donate 100% of their profit to registered charitable organizations. Created by Joan Hornig, the company combines fashion and luxury to boost the work of non-profits chosen by their clients, making this a way for the purchasers to indulge in glamour whilst expressing and supporting what they truly care about. overwhelming, or boost the ego; however, the aforementioned stringent values do not allow for such things to take place. In addition, they have guided the company through numerous challenges. The consequences of inflation, ongoing wars, climate concerns, and much more, have increased the pressures on Joan Hornig Jewelry LLC. Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic served as an enormous hurdle – resulting in supply chain issues, lockdowns, and unexpected work disruptions due to illness. There were, however, a handful of positives. There was an increased resolve to keep people employed and aid the services of non-profits. Moreover, the company had the time to work on its technological abilities and increase its focus on reaching a wider Generation Z audience. Joan adds, “On a personal note, I became even more focused on succession planning, strategic planning, communication, and opportunities technology provides to market and message at reduced costs.” As such, Philanthropy is Beautiful® Jewelry and Pavé The Way® Jewelry are looking forward to a busy 2022. The company is setting its sights on increasing its sales outlets and continuing to learn from its clients to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, its plan to align with its customer’s values and passions will lead the company to experiment with Web3 projects and Metaverse opportunities. If you have a story, passion, or want to let the company know which jewelry design resonates most with you, Joan Hornig Jewelry LLC encourages you to reach out and share what’s on your mind. After all, storytelling is what it does best. Contact: Joan Hornig Company: Joan Hornig Jewelry LLC Web Address: