Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022

14 Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 Apr22479 Most Empowering Women’s Education NPO - Nigeria ver the time it has been in operation, Better Life Program for the African Rural Woman has made itself a household name amongst African non-profit organisations. Fundamentally, since its beginnings in 1987, its decades of experience have been dedicated to empowering and uplifting women and girls in rural communities, expanding its reach so that it can aid more people as it continues to grow. With every move it makes, it makes strides towards a better informed, economically stable, politically empowered, and socially improved Africa, helping the women within this system to push for the improvement of their lives by giving them the tools with which to do so. This allows women to better aid in national development and the promotion of healthy family values, both things that will allow them to aid in the overall betterment of the continent. Nominally, it accomplishes this with the core values that have been with it since its inception in mind: sustainability, integrity, and partnership. Each of these hold up the foundation of its work and make sure each of its volunteers are on the same page, all working together to create the program’s dependable, comprehensive, and empathic operational processes, each of which keep the person at the centre. By ensuring the heart of its work remains the women it helps at every turn, its practical range of development programs and initiatives allows rural women and girls to learn the skills that will help them out of poverty, in such a way that allows the rest of the community to benefit in a ‘rising tide lifts all ships’ manner. Critically, the subsequent improvements to education, health, micro finance, and livelihood training gives them a sense of pride and dignity that they can continue to build throughout their lives. After all, it doesn’t just give them temporary aid and leave it there – this kind of short-term solution is not what many of these communities need – it gives long-term, substantial, and dependable support to the areas that need it most, giving them the skills and starting blocks to build a great career. Soaring to new heights thanks to its new office, producing new and improved roadmaps for its service users, and expanding out from its home base in Nigeria to follow the guidance of its founder – Mrs Maryam Babangida – in creating women’s development centres in Nigeria and Africa. These centres serve as points on a network for its service users, connecting the region with a support system of like-minded individuals with the drive to make things better. The team is also incredibly hands-on in supporting its service users in making the most O The creators of the Better Life Program for the African Rural Woman have made it one of the foremost organisations for the betterment of livelihoods in rural communities in the region of Nigeria. Critically, its STEM initiatives, child education programs, and business opportunity development have all given women and girls in such rural regions the tools to be able to improve their country in the macro scale, and indeed, to improve the continent at large as a result.