Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 15 of these centres; nominally, it is aware that for sustainable change to be fostered, the provision of the right kind of empowerment is crucial. In teaching its service users new skills, financial management, time management, and so much more, its project manager, field officers, and beneficiaries form a family of people who look out for everyone within the organisation, giving support and being given it in turn. It also relies on the National Youth Scheme to provide it with young graduates for community service work, bringing on board fresh volunteers with new ideas that way. Therefore, it helps young people in its operational regions by giving them experience with non-profit work and experience in receiving and giving support, educational tools, and community organisation, allowing them to build up their own skillsets by helping others with theirs. This internal culture has developed into a self-sustaining support network where the team and the service users come together to ensure the health and future of both the organisation and the regions it is active in. The whole team – from the Chairperson all the way to administrative secretaries – pitch in to get involved with activities, procurement, and mobilisation, carving new projects based on research and getting heavily involved with the furtherment of projects and programs. Over the course of the pandemic, this ethos became even tighter, with each of its volunteers, board members, stakeholders, and service users pulling together in order to change how programs were delivered so that they could continue to be of use. Additionally, with team members having to work online, it was able to create new projects and programs through this medium, something that was explored mostly due to the sudden necessity of technologically enabled working. Using this, it created new educational programs with the Government’s approval, going on from there to visit communities and deliver food, education, and business opportunities regarding the production of masks and sanitisers. With the B-Girl Green STEM initiative beginning in 2022, it hopes to continue its current focus on climate science, technologically, engineering, and maths in order to foster such interests in rural young women, resulting in further empowerment, motivation, encouragement, and creativity. This, the Impact 500 Initiative to empower female school leaders, and the B-Child initiative to provide education for children without access to free education, will allow it to continue to support women and girls throughout its region, hoping to continue to push further afield as it expands in scale. Company: Better Life Program for the African Rural Woman Contact: Solomon Okonkwo Website: