Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 17 May22124 Social Enterprise Innovator of the Year 2022 nder the Joan Hornig Jewelry LLC umbrella stands Philanthropy is Beautiful® Jewelry, along with its subsidiary Pavé The Way® Jewelry. Established over two decades ago, the social enterprise jewelry company harmoniously combines advocacy with impact, expression, and the values of customers. What sets it apart from other fine jewelry and luxury companies stems from Joan’s business model. Both Philanthropy is Beautiful® Jewelry and Pavé The Way® Jewelry donate 100% of the profit from each product sold to a charity of the customer’s choice. Henceforth, the company has had the opportunity to support Human Service, Arts, Culture, Humanities, Environment and Animals, Health, International Relief efforts and Education, and all things that benefit the public and society since its founding. Not only does the company’s business model support non-profits, but it also redefines what it means to invest in luxury items, amplifies the power of the purse, and leads to important conversations about the true extent of global needs. It is, in essence, a deeply powerful expression of the purchaser’s passions – not just a frivolous, impulse purchase. Fashion and compassion can coexist. Indeed, the jewelry sold by the brands is nothing short of luxury, boasting opulent, ethically-sourced diamonds and gemstones. For example, Philanthropy is Beautiful®’s New Yorker collection features products such as the $3,400 Beekman Earrings, the $5,000 Diamond + Onyx Piano Key Necklace, and the $2,800 Onyx Crosswalk Earrings in 18K gold. Supporting the company’s philanthropic efforts is a highly diverse team built up of craftsmen and artisans from a plethora of backgrounds and countries which is yet another way the company has always celebrated racial, cultural and religious diversity. This has been a constant since the company’s inception, complimenting its devotion to its core values – a commitment to sustainable production practices, ethical sourcing, and respect for fair wages. As the fundamental components of the Joan Horning Jewelry LLC establishment, these values inform the company’s ethos and have served as a pillar for the company’s growth. As one of the few – or perhaps the only – businesses that operates in this manner, having this framework of values is an exceptional benefit. By launching a company with such a unique mission and values, Founder Joan Hornig is a trailblazer in the industry, anticipating the surge of conscious consumerism and leveraging retail sales to fuel non-profits. This is something that could become U Utilizing a unique concept, both Philanthropy is Beautiful® Jewelry and Pavé The Way® Jewelry are brands that donate 100% of their profit to registered charitable organizations. Created by Joan Hornig, the company combines fashion and luxury to boost the work of non-profits chosen by their clients, making this a way for the purchasers to indulge in glamour whilst expressing and supporting what they truly care about. overwhelming, or boost the ego; however, the aforementioned stringent values do not allow for such things to take place. In addition, they have guided the company through numerous challenges. The consequences of inflation, ongoing wars, climate concerns, and much more, have increased the pressures on Joan Hornig Jewelry LLC. Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic served as an enormous hurdle – resulting in supply chain issues, lockdowns, and unexpected work disruptions due to illness. There were, however, a handful of positives. There was an increased resolve to keep people employed and aid the services of non-profits. Moreover, the company had the time to work on its technological abilities and increase its focus on reaching a wider Generation Z audience. Joan adds, “On a personal note, I became even more focused on succession planning, strategic planning, communication, and opportunities technology provides to market and message at reduced costs.” As such, Philanthropy is Beautiful® Jewelry and Pavé The Way® Jewelry are looking forward to a busy 2022. The company is setting its sights on increasing its sales outlets and continuing to learn from its clients to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, its plan to align with its customer’s values and passions will lead the company to experiment with Web3 projects and Metaverse opportunities. If you have a story, passion, or want to let the company know which jewelry design resonates most with you, Joan Hornig Jewelry LLC encourages you to reach out and share what’s on your mind. After all, storytelling is what it does best. Contact: Joan Hornig Company: Joan Hornig Jewelry LLC Web Address: