Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022

18 Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 Apr22623 Most Dedicated Paediatric Cancer Patient Support Provider - Southeast USA o many families living at St Jude Hospital’s Target House struggle financially and cannot afford Christmas gifts, and Target House does not receive enough donations to cover gifts for all the children – so Childhood Cancer Family Fund stepped in to help. With great thanks to its tireless volunteers, the non-profit is able to organise fundraisers throughout the year which allow it to raise money to purchase gifts. With the generosity of its corporate partners and private donors, CCFF works year round to fundraise and receive goods to be used in the free Christmas store at Target House. Since 2018, it has been able to provide over $2,000,000 worth of gifts, food, and entertainment to the families at Target House. At Target House’s free Christmas store, Parents come down to the store one family at a time. A volunteer helper assists them with picking out gifts. On this night a mother of a patient came into the room that was filled with gifts and immediately began crying. A volunteer asked if she was okay, and through her tears she began to speak. She said she knew her child was going to be celebrating their final earthly Christmas and had just one wish for Christmas, one particular toy. She explained that money was tight and there was no way she could afford the only gift her child asked for. She said that just prior to coming down to shop she was online looking at the toy her child requested, trying to figure out the impossible, how she could afford it. She came to the Christmas Shop just hoping to find something that might be a suitable replacement, but she admitted feeling so bad that she couldn’t afford the last gift her child was ever going to ask for. When she was escorted into the room to shop she immediately looked on the floor right in front of her. THERE IT WAS! The only thing her child asked for was sitting there waiting to be claimed! She was going to be able to provide her child the one gift they asked for, the last gift she would ever be able to give her child. This is just one example of how CCFF is helping to fulfil children’s Christmas wishes and proving that dreams can come true. If you would like to provide a Christmas miracle for a family at Target House by donating a gift or money, please visit and click the “Donate Now” Company: Childhood Cancer Family Fund Website: S Childhood Cancer Family Fund (CCFF) is a non-profit dedicated to providing Christmas gifts to St Jude Hospital’s paediatric cancer patients living at Target House long term family residence.