Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022

Acquisition International - Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2022 23 Apr22636 Most Dedicated Bush Fire Disaster Relief Organisation 2022 & Excellence Award for Public Safety & Security 2022 ushfires present one of the biggest challenges to Australia’s ecology. The dangers of a bushfire which is out of control goes beyond the risk to human life. It has an effect on the ecology and biology of Australia’s natural beauty. Whilst nothing is ever riskfree, the team behind the Bushfire Foundation have made it their mission to better prepare communities for what they need to do if the worst happens. For the team at this incredible organisation, what they do is not a career, but a clear need for society. As such, their work is volunteerbased, connecting with communities within Australia before and after bushfires to provide services and relief. Working from the groundup has proven to be an immensely successful approach, advancing B Bushfires have had an enormous impact on the way in which many Australians live, but simple preparedness procedures can have an enormous impact. The team at the Bushfire Foundation Inc help people within vulnerable communities to lessen the impact of these devastating situations. In Acquisition International’s NonProfit Organisation Awards 2022, the team achieved double-awards success. We dig a little deeper to uncover how precisely this intrepid crew have thrived over the years. social and public welfare that helps people directly. It’s not enough to simply put out these devastating fires. The biggest impact is usually on the people affected. To help people, the Bushfire Foundation operates a free bushfire preparedness service that assists people to understand the effects of a bushfire and other disasters. Often, these services take the form of education workshops aimed at training up the next generation so that they can avoid making old mistakes again and again. Whilst these preventative measures are invaluable, it is not the only aspect the Bushfire Foundation cover. What is clear is that when in crisis, the social implications are astounding. The team therefore operate not only a free volunteer bushfire recovery service that helps people to reclaim items lost from their homes, but also provide essential grants to those who might have lost all of their worldly possessions. The Bushfire Foundation have helped numerous people to reach a position where they might maintain a modest standard of living during incredibly challenging times. The practical nature of what the team offer is why not only so many people have committed to volunteering for them, but why they have been recognised within Acquisition International’s Non-Profit Organisation Awards. Of course, whilst it is people who run and are the primary focus of the organisation, the impact on the wider environment cannot be ignored. As such, the Bushfire Foundation has established itself as a registered Landcare Group, committed to restablishing native bush and plant species and habitats after a disaster, eradicating non-native bush and plant species which are hostile to native species and to providing new ways of educating the public about the importance of protecting indigenous plants and animals for future generations. When we hear about bushfires, we seldom hear about the people who deal with the consequences. No one understands the impact of bushfires quite like the team at the Bushfire Foundation. Their incredible efforts have brought about astonishing levels of change within Australia’s communities when they are at their most vulnerable. We celebrate their success and look forward to what they do next. Company: The Bushfire Foundation Inc. Name: Nathan Rogers Email: [email protected] The Bushfire Foundation Inc. Our team attending New South Wales (Rainbow Flat) Australia in December 2019 to assist with bushfire recovery.