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Although we are now seeing lockdown measures begin to ease, and we are heading towards our “new normal” – there is no doubt that COVID-19 has been a great challenge for many small business, however it has given them the opportunity to adapt, pivot and embrace digital.  Whether you are a product or service led business – it may be the right time for you now to bite the bullet and set up an e-commerce site.


There has Been a Huge Increase in Online Sales

Spending and consumer habits have changed, as such we are seeing a lot more purchases being made online than ever before. Although face-to-face interactions will be more common once again, people are unlikely to make such a sharp shift back to normal again.  Purchasing that must have product and making quick online bookings for services has become a new habit, and let’s not forget there will be groups of people who aren’t quite as keen on venturing out as they used to be. 


You Don’t Want to Fall Behind

If you aren’t already thinking about creating an e-commerce website, the likelihood is that your competitors are and have it as part of their strategy.  If they are creating more convenient avenues for people to access their products or services than you are, it gives them an edge over you.  Businesses that will push ahead are the ones that are showing innovation in digital.  The last thing you want to do is fall behind and lose out on potential business. 


It is More Cost-Effective than you Think

A lot of small businesses are put off creating an e-commerce site as they think it will come with a premium price tag that they perhaps can’t afford to risk investing in. Unless you need something with advanced functionality or bespoke development – it can be cheaper than you think.  There are lots of different website builder templates that you can use with varying hosting packages dependant on your requirements.  With the right tools, you could have your e-commerce website up and running in just a few weeks.


It Is Easier to Get Social

Having an e-commerce website also makes it much easier to sell your products or services on social media.  Facebook for example has a shop option where you can tag your products, driving leads to your website.  If you add a pixel to your website, it will allow you to track the success of your campaigns more effectively. You will be able to see if someone adds something to their basket, which product or service has been visited most often, and even if someone has added something to a wish list.  You can also create customer match lists from the data you have and retarget customers so they are more likely to complete actions on your site. 


It can Create an Additional Income

The great thing about an e-commerce website is, it can create an additional income that you wouldn’t ordinarily have just by having it in place.  If you are a product led company, it means that depending on your offering – location has no boundaries so you can target a much larger demographic than ever before.  Having an international business as opposed to a national business could be a game changer for you.

If you haven’t yet thought about boosting your digital footprint with an e-commerce website, or you have been a little on the hesitant side – hopefully this article will have been helpful.