Hungary is the place where several international companies carry out their long-term activities, primarily English, and the employees are instructed by the employer in the same language. Therefore, there are a wide range of possibilities for employees originating from all over the world, to be employed in Hungary.

Those who are not Hungarian citizens, and do not have the right to free movement and residence, are called third-country nationals in Hungary.

Such people may also enter into an employment relationship in the territory of Hungary, if they hold a residence permit issued by the immigration authority under the single application procedure, or a work permit issued under a procedure (other than a single application procedure for the employment) of a third-country national applying for a residence document.

The single application procedure in Hungary is carried out, if the third-country national submits an application for the issue of a residence permit for the purpose of employment. In this case, the employer in Hungary and the worker shall conclude a prior agreement, for the purpose of employment.

The agreement for entering into a contract for employment relationship may be concluded for a fixed period of no more than two years.

The other possibility, is that being employed in Hungary means you need to be in possession of a work permit. This permit is issued by the Hungarian Authority. if the employer has had a valid labour requirement notified for the position, for which the third-country national is to be hired. In addition, subsequently notifying the labour requirement that no worker is available for the position in question, who is registered as a job-seeker and satisfies the conditions of employment prescribed by the legislation or specified by the employer’s labour requirement.

Irrespective of the current trends in the labour market, if issued, the seasonal work permit for employees is valid for no more than 90 days.

Work permits shall be obtained irrespective of current trends in the labour market also in cases for example when the director of a branch or representative office of a foreign-registered business association as defined by international agreement; education activities in primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions in a foreign language; or for persons attending practical training courses within the framework of the Comenius, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig programs.

It has to be highlighted that other provisions must be applied for persons with refugee status, indeed beneficiaries of subsidiary protection and persons enjoying temporary protection, persons who has been granted immigrant or permanent resident status, and also to those with the right of free movement and residence.

Consequently, all have the possibility of being employed in the heart of Europe.

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