Forex Trading

Finding a good forex prop firm is not easy, we will admit that. Rather than telling you what to look for, we will go through what City Traders Imperium’s (CTI) forex prop firm has to offer to make your forex prop trading journey as smooth as possible.

Before we go any further, we need to establish one key boundary and it must be crystal clear: how well you perform in forex prop trading ultimately depends on you as a forex trader. The CTI forex prop firm can provide the support and tools to aid your success, but ultimately your success rests on you. No forex prop firm in the world will provide that magic pill to your prop trading success.

That there is a core lesson our forex prop firm instils: good trading psychology is required for successful forex prop trading. A major aspect of trading psychology is accountability.

There are a few things you need to ask yourself when you are looking for a forex prop firm, and you need to have a very honest think about these questions because this will help enhance your forex prop trading experience:

  • What are you looking for in a prop firm?
  • How is my current trading performance?
  • Am I ready to trade live markets?
  • Can trade live markets with more funds than I am used to?
  • Do I need guidance?
  • Do I need help making a trading strategy or does someone need to look at my current strategy?
  • Am I confident in my skills or do I need support with my forex prop trading?

The answer to these questions will help you approach a forex prop firm with purpose and help you maximize your chances of success. One question may apply to you, or several. The more open and honest you are with yourself, the more value you will get out of the prop firm and therefore the more success out of your forex prop trading development.

Most forex prop traders seek prop firms for funding but are unaware that they can provide programs specially designed to help traders in need to improve their forex prop trading knowledge and skills, whether it is overall or specifically tailored to their strategy.

Fortunately for you, CTI is a forex prop firm that allows forex traders to obtain funding and traders in need to obtain other services they need such as other strategies including 3 bespoke inhouse strategies alongside short and comprehensive trading courses for those looking to boost their knowledge and build their edge in trading.

Of course, if none of the questions applied to you and/or you just do not know but you are certain a forex prop firm is the right move for your forex prop trading career, then that is fine too because it is still possible to walk in. However, unlike the above approach, a discovery call would be necessary to best understand your needs and experience so see how you would get the most out of the prop firm.

CTI is confident in truly believe in the value they provide to the forex prop trading community and have nothing to hide hence they are happy for prospective traders to glance at their assortment of reviews, visit their open communities, or even get in touch and ask the tough questions themselves.

If you look at the bottom of the page, you will find the CTI YouTube channel which has a lot of helpful material.

You might be wondering why do they know this? Why are they providing advice on what forex traders should consider when looking for forex prop firms? What is the catch here?

There is no catch.

CTI is a forex prop firm made by forex traders for forex traders based on our mutual passion for forex prop trading (and our experience in it). Hence why we designed the prop firm the way it, forex funded account rules as they are, and most importantly we know as current and former traders, we are fully aware of what forex traders of varying abilities and backgrounds must do to maximize their experience with a forex prop firm, since we all have the common goal of excelling in forex prop trading.