2016 Intellectual Property Awards – Frequently Asked Questions

Who has voted for me?

Acquisition International have put forward a selection of candidates who we believe to be industry leaders. Additionally the voting forms have been sent out to the 108,000 subscribers of AI Magazine, and also over 40,000 IP industry experts worldwide. We accept both self and third party nominations, and on occasion the publication supporting the program will also put forward companies it has worked with or profiled recently. The voting form is also open to the general public.

Will nominees find out who voted for them?

No, the voting process is anonymous and so we don’t have details of the person who has made the nomination, only the individual/company they have put forward.

How have you ensured the voting process is legitimate?

To ensure that a firm cannot guarantee success by submitting multiple votes, we track the IP addresses of the voters. We do exercise this with some caution though as we appreciate that multiple people in the same office may wish to cast votes.

Have you done this before/can I see an example?

Yes we have, please our 2015 Intellectual Property awards supplement here.

How do you determine the winners?

Winners are determined by three factors: 1) by the number of votes received 2) via in-house research (a vital component considering we accept self-nominations as well as third party) 3) by assessing the supporting evidence provided. All items are taken into consideration when determining the winners.

Is there a charge if I go on to win?

No, there is no cost associated with winning an award.  All winners are entitled to select the free of charge option. Whilst we do offer promotional and marketing opportunities there is always a free of charge option.

When will the winners be announced?

All successful nominees will be notified of their win in March and we will publicly release our official winners’ supplement in May. We have an embargo in place until we publicly announce the results and ask winners to respect this, all winners will be notified when the embargo is lifted.

Is there an awards dinner?

As the awards are international we do not hold currently hold an awards dinner. Instead we put all our efforts into the beautifully designed winners’ supplement. Which also gives winners at least 12 months of exposure for their win and company.