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To adapt and thrive to ever-changing market conditions, organisations need modern software solutions and data architectures. That’s where Digiterre comes in – the winner of 2022’s Leading Innovators in Bespoke Trading Software – UK builds and delivers real time, big data platforms for clients that help them increase their revenues and business value. Join us as we talk to CEO & Founder, Ian Murrin, to learn more about their ground-breaking work.

Digiterre is an award-winning firm that uses ground-up agile transformation and cutting-edge data engineering to create and implement solutions that people need, want, and enjoy using, and it’s been delighting clients for over 22 years. It is built upon a foundation of using its problem-solving expertise and deep domain expertise to assist clients in resolving their most meaningful challenges, rapidly and completely. As a result, Digiterre’s client roster is filled with some of the world’s leading energy trading and commodities trading organisations, banks, insurers, and investment management businesses.

‘Our clients are leading organisations who operate in highly regulated environments within their sectors. Digiterre is made up of a team of problem solvers who are passionate about finding solutions that are critical to our clients’ organisational efficiency and competitiveness as well as finding ways to reduce operational costs and improve compliance risk mitigation,’ comments Ian Murrin.

Such clients typically stem from complex markets – for example, energy and commodities traders, exchanges, clearing houses and broker platforms – and Digiterre is well equipped to support their unique needs. The company works in collaboration with its clients to help solve their most pressing business challenges and, ultimately, deliver improved departmental or organisational performance.

‘We are called upon to address urgent challenges, unlock new business opportunities or to deliver significant long-term strategic advantage. Clients love the speed with which we deliver scalable, working solutions, while minimising corporate waste.’

‘The reputation of our professional services business has been built throughout our 22-year history and at its heart is a team of exceptional people, problem solvers and leaders, who consistently uphold our core values,’ continues Murrin. ‘Our people are the beating heart of Digiterre and its success. We believe a great place to work combines outstanding colleagues and a united mission to transform, innovate and create growth for our clients, whilst maintaining alignment with our values of care, quality, and leadership.’

The team works together to invoke efficacy, ensuring that it fully understands client needs – not only at the beginning of the project, but throughout as the project evolves. This is an integral part of the company’s internal structure. Collaboration breeds inspiration, innovation, and creativity, and as a result, it can be found within all aspects of the business. Moreover, the team maintain a vast range of qualifications between them allowing Digiterre to remain technologically agnostic. Diversity of skills sits happily alongside diversity and inclusion of colleagues from different backgrounds and with different characteristics. We know this team composition is optimal for innovation and the evidence is borne out in numerous external studies, as well as the success of our client projects. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, having such a tight knit team was of great importance to Digiterre and its ability to adapt to new working conditions and practices. Since then, there have been several challenges that have tested the industry’s resilience –Murrin explains, ‘industry-based challenges for energy and commodities trading companies are very much influenced by the fact that two of the world’s key commodity producing regions are at war with one another – and the resulting political unrest has obviously had a major impact on prices. If you add into the mix the pent-up demand post-Covid and together these things have contributed to the current commodities super-cycle and unprecedented market volatility.’

Digiterre has helped businesses succeed and profit during volatile times by creating the conditions needed for accessing and using data to drive competitive advantage. Many companies are finding that the global turbulence has prompted them to reassess their data architectures and consider the way in which legacy platforms support their needs and future objectives. Accessible data through the trading lifecycle is, of course, crucial and in volatile times having timely, relevant, and accurate data is key to trading decisions and staying competitive.

Thanks to this influx of work, Digiterre’s future looks bright ‘The collective endeavour for 2022 and beyond for us at Digiterre is to continue to support our clients and to spread the word of our successes more widely. Our vision is that we want all organisations to create a net positive impact on society by recognising and consistently applying the transformative power of technology. To create better products, services and working practices.’ Murrin adds. Digiterre is doing this by living its values and consistently striving to add lasting value to client organisations through skills transfer and improved ways of working.

‘Our unique combination of deep engineering expertise and skills, together with domain knowledge, means we can reduce corporate waste by solving the right problem, first time, and deliver solutions faster and with more certainty,’ Murrin concludes. ‘Our clients tell us that’s a winning combination.’

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