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Industry FinTech, the ‘Best Fund Administration’ for 2022 in Florida, has made a name for itself across the United States of America with its front-running, highly technologically enabled, and legally compliant services. By giving its entrepreneurs and private firms access to new and innovative ways to manage capital raising and private funding – abolishing the usual amount of red tape and gate-keeping that is so often involved – it is shaping the future of its industry one client at a time.

A tech-enabled, turn-key, 3rd party administration and back-office services platform, Industry FinTech has been designed for private firms that are supported by private investors. In short, its efforts are accomplished through its online platform, an on-demand solution for Funds, SPVs, investment companies, start-ups, and private entities wishing to scale up quicker and easier whilst reducing costs. Nominally – and in full compliance with critical industry rules and regulations – IFT acts as a trusted 3rd party support network to investors, making sure that corporate controls are maintained, innovation reports are handled in a timely manner, and every professional who needs them are provided with the correct reports and analytics.

Thus, IFT has successfully created a business that brings standards, transparency, and trust to the world of private capital. This has been a huge step forward for the industry in the macro scale, as it is so often a sector that is mired in mystery and buried behind miles of red tape; IFT bucks this trend in favour of standing behind entrepreneurs as the primary drivers of innovation and growth in the United States, helping them to build and maintain the internal back-office infrastructure that would allow them to achieve sophisticated, private capital sources.

With this invaluable support of the growth of a company’s infrastructure in mind, it is easy to see how IFT has quickly become a favourite of entrepreneurs all over the country, bringing them together with private capital partners in order to foster more sustainable, healthier growth. In general, therefore, its clients come to it through networking, and through being referred by attorneys and accountants alike to those who need its help. This allows it to differentiate itself from its peers, as right from the very start a customer can see the trust its fellow professionals put in it, and it is often recommended based on its ability to drive down costs whilst improving performance.

Critically, a low-cost but high-innovation philosophy is what has allowed it to keep nimble and flexible in its solutions, whilst still being friendly to start-ups and budding businesses who may not have the level of revenue enjoyed by more established companies in their field. These purveyors of the new and innovative contemporary business scene also appreciate its ability to speak their language. Unlike so many of its competitors hoping to help companies design processes through which they can accept private capital, it has a true understanding of the importance of integrating new technologies into itself.

Remaining at the head of the pack thanks to this dedication to innovation, it implements the latest and greatest new processes in order to foster an attitude of ‘out with the old, in with the new’, hoping to inspire the rest of its industry in the macro scale to start taking a similar approach. Crucially, as with all things, IFT wishes to lead from the front. Operating with a simpler, more effective, and more efficient approach to each of its platform’s processes, it has been able to build a compliant and perfectly operable service the can grow and maintain itself without the need to replace or rebuild expensive new infrastructure within a client’s own business.

Moreover, it also bucks the need for costly, long-term professional service contracts, as IFT can work quickly and reliably to provide the client exactly what the need, and be on hand for support on an as-needed basis. The IFT team has built itself up from this philosophy. The professionals found within its ranks are each of them incredibly helpful, charismatic, intelligent, and forthright, ready and willing to go the extra mile to help a client and to ensure that their back-office infrastructure is sound. Its pillars of excellence, dedication, and dependability have allowed it to cultivate this kind of attitude – one that its clients universally applaud – and one which allows the staff to support the client and each other impeccably.

Highly motivated, highly dedicated, and high achievers, it has its own culture of entrepreneurship within the business proper. This ensures that it can understand the professionals it works with on a fundamental level, getting right into the nitty gritty of their wishes and requirements in order to show a comprehensive understanding of what will aid them in their future growth. IFT’s team, therefore, is what has driven it to such great heights of success, heights that continue to develop alongside the industry proper.

Indeed, the growth of the wider sector has presented both challenge and opportunity to IFT throughout the years, but in the coming times it hopes to work together with its peers to see that the rising tide lifts all ships. As one of the leading companies providing technological 3rd party administration services, it has found itself in a better position than ever to be able to do this, building itself better and more effective approaches such as new remote working innovations to help it adapt to Covid-19, a service that it has since been able to extend out to its clients.

With such great protocols in mind, and a private client third party administration platform on the horizon, it looks forward to leveraging its technology and expertise in order to support Family Offices in the same way that it supports entrepreneurs. Between this, its past work, and the further innovations that are surely on the way, it is only fair to end this article with a hearty ‘watch this space.’

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