And we’re back!

After taking a couple of months to realign ourselves with the paradigm shifting changes to the business world – and life in general- we are officially back and ready to move on with our regular publishing schedule.  Hopefully, we can say that the worst is behind us, and now we enter a period of recovery and growth.  However slow that might be.

We’ve so often heard the term ‘baptism of fire’ used for businesses who have swiftly found themselves operating in a world wholly unfamiliar to them. With the global lockdowns, companies of all sizes that relied on foot traffic found themselves in such a situation. Left with few options, many of those pivoted to alternative avenues to stay afloat. As a result, many ventured the online space, capturing the essence of true entrepreneurial spirit to evolve to the present need. Others utilised their resources and experience to aid in efforts to combat a need for better medical equipment,

What we can say is that, through all of this, businesses have adapted and evolved in light of vast, unprecedented change. It speaks to the leadership of those at the helm, with great success dictated more by mere survival than any other parameter. There’s no failure in that. There’s a strong hope that the rest of this year will be a time to put things back on track. To regather ourselves from a time that has seemed to drag on for eternity, and yet moved so quickly. To learn our weaknesses and to grow stronger from them.

Here’s to a brighter couple of months ahead. In the meantime, I hope you stay safe and well.