Welcome to the August issue of Acquisition International Magazine (where has the time gone?!)

I hope everyone is safe and well?

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the last few months have been a baptism of fire for business all over the world. Plans were stopped in their tracks. Companies in a vast array of industries suddenly found themselves in a situation that many simply couldn’t have accommodated for and no amount of preparation could have curtailed. While we have adjusted, pivoted and taken stock of the situation, we are seeing the gears once again slowly move into their regular rhythm.

Some companies have seen the pandemic as a sort of wake up call to better prepare for any unforeseen change. Though hard hit, businesses saw a need for agility and many managers, directors, CEOs and leaders took action to make sure that they planned to mitigate disruption moving forwards.

While we often say that the situation right now is our new normal, we cannot say for certain what the future holds – for the better, or dare I say it, worse (not to potentially jinx anything!) I’ve mentioned before that change was the great catalyst for attaining better business practices, but of course, this was taking that to the extreme. Only the future can tell whether the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic was the beginning of business betterment, even if that better future is some time away yet.