Acquisition International Issue 8 2019
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Welcome to the August issue of Acquisition Intl. magazine! Your go-to-source for all of the latest news and features from throughout world of corporate finance. In this month’s edition, we have filled it with insightful articles and features on a vast range of topics as we discover more about marketing for every sector.

For example, in this issue we take a closer look at iFOLIO, a portfolio engagement platform helping organizations to deliver personalized digital portfolios that transform the customer experience. Over the years the firm have helped countless companies to communicate  with their customers and prospects more authentically, optimizing the relationship, and delivering a remarkable experience. As such, we profiled firm to find out more about the innerworkings of this successful company.

Elsewhere in this edition, is Trilliant which was formed with initial vision to help energy providers improve efficiency, enhance reliability, lower operating costs, increase customer satisfaction as well as integrate renewable and distributed energy resources. Today, Trilliant has established itself as a world leading connectivity company providing mission critical infrastructure solutions, enabling utilities and cities to take a bold step in their future digital transformations. Recently, we caught up with Ryan Gerbrandt who provided us with a glimpse into the innerworkings of Trilliant, revealing how they have established themselves as leaders in the industry.

Here at Acquisition Intl. magazine, we truly hope that you enjoy reading this month’s issue and we look forward to hearing from you.