Welcome to the December edition of Acquisition International Magazine, bringing you the latest news, features, and success stories from businesses all over the world.

As 2022 soon draws to a close, there couldn’t be a better time to celebrate the successes of our businesses who have been rebuilding and thriving after a tough few years due to the pandemic. From a healthtech start-up solving the huge problem that is airborne pathogens and biothreats, to a world-first company simplifying corporate risk profiling data management, they have truly been showing their industries how it is done – and are nearing the end of a highly successful year.

The weather might be getting colder, but these businesses are on fire as they continue to defy the odds and exceed expectations. They’re making lives easier, and some are even saving them. In this issue, we explore the ground-breaking work being done with next-level expertise and resilience in what have been some of the toughest times, where business are putting their clients above themselves and are devoted to providing only the very best service.

We hope you find this issue informative and motivational, and we look forward to seeing you again for a next edition in the new year.