Welcome to the November issue of Acquisition International magazine. As the voice of modern business, we are dedicated to delivering vital updates to our corporate readers so that they remain ahead of the curve.

But first things first, I hope everyone is safe and well?

While we approach the end of 2020, there’s a certain retrospective perspective setting in, while we look forward to (what we hope is) a fresh start in the new year. It’s been a year of stops and starts. Plans halted. Adaptions made. We’ve been working from home here at AI Global Media, which has certainly been a unique challenge. Quick conversations had across tables, or between departments have been replaced with emails, phone calls or virtual meetings. Though, ultimately, we’ve had it pretty easy being a digital publication company. Others have had to pivot immensely and show remarkable ingenuity and drive to overcome the very new challenges that this year has delivered.

After all, we’ve had no frame of reference for anything we’ve faced in 2020. How do you navigate a lack of footfall when your business relies on it? Certain things we’d taken for granted – the smallest of things like customer’s reaching out or stepping through the door – has been turned on its head. Calling 2020 a challenge would be a colossal understatement, with success now being defined by a lower bar – yet these smaller successes are no less deserving of celebration. Maybe that’s the message behind 2020: a reset to what we hold as important. While business growth is a fantastic thing, every sale, every product launch, ever new hire, is truly worthy of celebration. Maybe that’s something to think about.