AI Magazine Issue 2 2020 cover
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Welcome to the February issue of Acquisition International magazine. As always, we aim to be your monthly source for all of the latest news and features from across the corporate landscape. This month, we have placed a focus on showcasing variety.

For instance, our cover this month goes to Vanguard Capital. Recognised as AI’s Most Innovative Quantitative Trading Company, the firm has utilised technological developments to bring about change in the traditionally rigid financial services sector. When you consider that it was established in 2017, the firm’s success and industry influence only become more impressive.

Moving on, we also spoke to Eesha Sheikh, CEO of Playpal Inc. With a view to challenging the current best practices of the healthcare sector, Playpal has one simple goal: to offer people the chance to live a better quality of life. During our profile of the company Eesha discusses the importance of HealthTech moving forward and Playpal’s role in spearheading real change.

Of course, that’s just a small glimpse of what we have in store for this issue. So, read on and enjoy.