AI Magazine Issue 12 2019 cover
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Welcome to the December issue of Acquisition International magazine. As always, we aim to be your monthly source for all of the latest news and features from across the corporate realm.

It’s official. Holiday fever has gripped the editorial department. As I type, my keyboard is positively surrounded by seasonal paraphernalia – mostly cards and various gifts in stages of being unwrapped – and there’s a faint smell of sweet treats in the air. Yet, all over the world, business carries on. The wheels turn. Deals are made. Sales are processed. There’s never a quiet moment. So, for the next week at least, the editors and writers of the department will keep their collective heads down and crack on.

With that thought firmly in mind, let’s start from the top.

In this issue we have a woman-led Kuwaiti law firm, a digital securities expert, a pioneering cancer therapy research company, and a whole host of litigation leaders. From personal injury lawyers to corporate finance experts, the December issue of AI is bursting with business paragons. All in all, it’s a fitting issue to end the year on, and to herald in another.

In hindsight, it’s been rather an odd year defined by monumental successes and market uncertainty. Let’s hope the next year brings quieter, more predictable tidings.

On that note, I hope you all have a wonderful end of the year.