Welcome to the May edition of Acquisition International magazine. Recognised as a voice of modern business, we are passionate about providing vital updates to corporate readers so that they can always be one step ahead.

The month of May is a pleasant one; we are blessed with the gifts of spring, we are beginning to see hints of summer, and we are reminded that after every storm comes the sun. The past few years have been tough for so many businesses and individuals, but we have been blown away by how so many businesses have come out on the other side, flourishing like new life in the Spring.

These companies really aren’t letting anything stand in their way as their teams continue to break down barriers, while serving and positively influencing their respective industries with outstanding dedication and customer-centrism, from law firms and estate agencies, to engineering firms and architects.

Now, we present our cover, CardioThrive, a truly inspirational and lifesaving company that is on a mission to make sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) a survivable event. Time really is of the essence when it comes to SCA and we want to shine a light on CardioThrive’s ground-breaking PocketDefib technology and all the lives it could save – and how it makes the company so highly deserving of being named Most Innovative Defibrillator Device Developer 2022 – USA.

But, for now, here’s to the continuation of productivity, motivation, and success. See you for the June issue!