Hello and welcome to the October issue of Acquisition International Magazine. As the voice of modern business, we are dedicated to delivering vital updates to our corporate readers so that they remain ahead of the curve.

In many ways, the bar for success in these unprecedented pandemic-times has been set at a new low. Faced with such disruption, we’re finding an acceptance in something as seemingly simple as self-care. We’ve tossed aside lofty dreams and goals and established altogether more personal ones – to make sure that we’re doing OK. In 2020, wellness has become far more homely, and in some ways, more indulgent. More realised. Personally, I’m enjoying this new perspective. Sometimes it’s good to take the pressure off, if only for a moment. To pause and reflect.

This isn’t some bizarre tangent, I promise. After all, October’s cover is dedicated to the pursuit of wellness. Putting aside the growing global wellness market – but, let’s keep that in mind – this year has certainly proven that the biggest personal achievements can appear quite small to others. As an expert in wellness and addiction, Dr. Bankole Johnson (alongside Privée Clinics) has seen extraordinary success with his services. We spent some time with Bankole to find out more about his clinic and expertise.

In the meantime, I hope you all stay safe, well and happy. See you in November!