Welcome to the October edition of Acquisition International Magazine, bringing you the latest news, features, and success stories from businesses all over the world.

Advances in technology and transportation have seen an increasingly connected world over the last few generations, but this globalisation has experienced rapid acceleration in the last two years alone. With the rise of remote working and the increased ease of communication across the globe, the world really is a much smaller, more connected place than it was even ten years ago.

This is reflected in this month’s issue of Acquisition International, which features the best of businesses across both industries and continents. From a robotics company in Denmark to a design firm in Japan to a general contracting company in Abu Dhabi, the success stories shared within are united by their themes of resilience and ambition in a pivotal moment for businesses everywhere.

Yet it is a select group of companies that we truly rely on to remain so connected, particularly in a time when travelling has been limited to us. This month’s featured firm, MailAmericas is one such company that has kept the world moving and enabled professionals, organisations and loved ones alike to stay in touch across cities, countries and continents. We find out about the exceptional work carried out by MailAmericas following its recent success at the Global Excellence Awards 2021.

As ever, we hope you enjoy this month’s issue of AI Magazine and wish you all the best for the month ahead.